Vuze Meta Search: Adding Search Sites


Vuze Meta-Search Introduction

I have seen questions in various places around the web regarding the Meta-Search function of Vuze.  I put up this guide in an effort to explain the basics of this option and answer those questions. 

Vuze is one of the suggested clients at my Best Free Bittorrent Client review here at Gizmo's Freeware.

If you do not have Vuze, you can get it from the

Most users will use this guide to install additional torrent search sites to the meta search using Vuze search templates.  This will expand the results of a Meta-Search, as the default search engines will produce very few relevant results.  I have provided instructions on how to do this as well as a link to download search templates that I have tested in my Vuze.  These templates will work in Windows, Mac or Linux.  So this guide will take care of all issues regarding the adding of search templates to Vuze. 

Note:  If you have enabled the option "Do not show GB unit" at Tools>Options>Interface>Display, then you will need to disable that option  in order to get results over 1GB in any search.  (Thanks to rockwater for finding this glitch).

I will point out that you do not need to search within Vuze to find content.  Vuze will work with any torrent search site on the web.  Personally, I prefer searching directly at the sites and I encourage you to do so also.  See here for information:

Accessing Vuze Meta-Search

To access the Meta-Search, you need to conduct a search.  Initially, this may be done two ways, through the search box  in the middle of the Vuze screen or through the search box in the upper left corner of Vuze.

Inside Vuze Meta-Search

Once inside the Meta-Search screen you will see two tabs, Web Search and Meta Search.  The web search is simply a Bing search for the term(s) you entered.  The Meta-Search is the search that is important as it accesses torrent search sites.


Advanced Filters for Vuze Meta-Search

On the top of the Meta Search results in Vuze  are the words  Advanced Search Filters.  Clicking on this will show the advanced filters discussed just below as well as the Add/Edit optiions for adding (or removing templates.  This used to be located on the right hand side of the Meta Search results page.  

Clicking on the highlighted above will show this:

The first filter option is Show results with.  This allows you to have results that include the keywords and also to exclude results from those that have keywords you choose to exclude.  So if you wanted results with the word "linux" in them, but exclude "mint" from those results, you would add those words in as in the below image.  Once you type into these boxes, an X will appear next to the box.  Clicking on this X will clear that box.


The next filter option is file size range.  This is to sort by file size among the results obtained.  In the search for "linux", the smallest file returned in the search was 87kB and the largest was 4.88GB.  This option works by clicking and holding the arrow at either end.  Changing this will eliminate results that fall outside the new range you have set. 

I do want to emphasize that this is only to sort among results you have obtained.  I see many users asking how to increase the figures here.  For instance, one will search for a movie, but the results will not be more than 100MB in size and that is what the file size range filter will show as the maximum.  This is due to the fact that the default search templates will only show results for trailers, reviews etc., and not the movie.  To expand the results, and the file size range, you need to add additional search templates.  Once that is done, you can use this filter to eliminate trailers etc..


The next filters are regarding the amount of results to show per page and to limit results to a category.  This is pretty much self explanatory.  The categories can be useful in weeding out results you do not want.


The final filter is to Show results from.  For most users this is the most important part of this guide.  The image below shows the default filters that are included with the Meta-Search, MiniNova, Vuze (their HD network) and Subscriptions (RSS subscriptions you have enabled through Vuze).  Vuze and MiniNova will produce very few results and most often those results are not relevant to what you want.  If you click on the name of a search site listed there, the results will change to show only results from that site.


Visiting Torrent Source Page

When you have found the result you want, then it is a good idea to visit the details page at the site listing the torrent.  If you press the next to the torrent name your browser will open to the page of the torrent listing.

Installing Search Templates for Vuze Meta-Search

In this section, I will provide you with links for working Vuze search templates and instructions on how to add these to your results. These templates will work on all operating systems (Windows, Mac & Linux).   All templates were tested by me and uploaded by me.  Once added, your results will expand greatly and you are more likely to find what you want.

The templates can be obtained at :  Vuze Templates .  There are 17 sites listed, with a download button below each name.  They are listed in alphabetical order as to the name of the template.  If you are looking ThePirateBay, it is listed under TPBse.


To install, you can press download  and either

  • Select "Open with" in your browser and select Vuze; or
  • Save the download to your computer and open by double-clicking; or
  • Save the download to your computer and open within Vuze using File>Open>Vuze file; or
  • Save the download to your computer and go to the Meta-Search section of Vuze and select the Add/Edit option and select the import a new template option and browse to the template location.

I would suggest using either the 2d or 3rd option as you will have the templates on your computer to re-enter in case you have an issue with Vuze requiring a complete uninstall and reinstall.

The first three options need no further instruction.  However, the discussion involving the fourth option is relevant to those options should you decide to remove a site.  Assuming you have downloaded the template(s), you would then go to the search section and click on Add/Edit


This will bring up the below screen.  To add a site in, click on Import a new template and on the following screen browse to where you saved the template and select the template.  Vuze will add the site in and re-search the term entered with the new site included.


You can de-select sites to be included in the results by un-ticking the site listed.  You can remove a site from all results by clicking on the X next to it.  Note that the Vuze HD network must be included in all results and that neither Vuze nor MiniNova may be removed.  Any of the sites you add through the templates may be removed or de-selected for a search.


Hopefully, this guide has answered any questions you have about the Vuze Meta-Search and has helped to make that search effective with the adding of additional Vuze search templates.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the guide, I would appreciate it if you would post here or at our forum

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Awesome Software

Hi :)

I have installed a few new templates into vuze and some of them open another interface inside of vuze with another search engine, for example the Torrent Downloads.vuze template does this, which when finding and selecting what I want, brings me to a webpage in the browser. If I then download I get an executable file, exampleMovie.exe and I'm not sure what to do with this. I'm also not sure if I can trust it because I haven't experienced this up till now.

I'd appreciate if someone could let me know. Do I double click the .exe file, or drop it into vuze somehow? I tried opening the file from vuze open menu but it seems to only see .vuze files.



The templates are not supposed to work that way. You are supposed to go to the site only if you press the "details" button within Vuze. I have removed the Torrent Downloads template as it is not working properly. Thanks for your info on this. Are there any other templates that are opening a web page when you press "Download"? I do not have them all installed at this time. However, the couple I checked are working properly. The exe file you are seeing is a scam download. Do Not Open the exe! Such scam links are very common at torrent search sites. I would suggest that you look in to getting the Ad Block Plus addon for your browser. This will block the scam download links at the torrent search sites. I would also suggest using the kickass template. The download button is working properly. The details button will take you to the page so you can confirm the torrent is clean and real. Steve

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the warning and tips. That template was very overactive, finding everything that other templates couldn't find so I was quite suspicious.
I've been googling how to remove this dodgy template but instructions so far have been over complicated. Can you pease demystify?
I'll gladly report the rest to you. Si far I think another one could be Internet Archive.vuze
Thanks again,

To delete a template, press the Add/Edit button and on the Add/Edit screen next to the template name is an "X". Press the X to delete the template. I did not have that issue with Archive (that template is included at default with Vuze). Thanks again for the update on that site. I am glad I got rid of it. Steve
You might also consider going directly to the sites to search, rather than using the meta search within Vuze. I prefer this as I get to see information on whether a torrent is "verified" in the search results, it is easier to see the comments and there are more results.

Thank you :)

Would I need to register with all those sites to use them?

You asked me to report more templates within vuze that seem dodgey to me.
What about TorrentProject?

Right now it's the only one that's come up with a lot of hits for something that's just been released. The hits all look okay but I'm not sure if I can trust it.

Greets and thanks again,


Hi Steve,
Although customizing Vuze meta search is tempting it concerns me that it uses IE rendering (I guess activeX) to obtain the search results. That scares the hell out of me as Internet Explorer is the absolute LAST browser on earth I would use - I only use it when all else fails. You need to be absolutely running the latest version of IE (even then I would still not use it). Like you I just go to my web browser and do searching with a couple of plugin tools to help me. Some older versions of IE (eg IE6) don't create the meta search properly you get messed up font sizes and layout etc.

Is it worth bring this to the attention of your readers?

There is supposed to be a way to use mozilla rendering instead of activeX but like a lot Vuze a lack of documentation on how to do it - sigh - I gave up. Any chance you may have looked at XUlRunner?

I have been meaning to post an opening paragraph encouraging users to go directly to torrent search sites and forgo the Meta Search. A good part of the reason being the fact that Vuze uses IE for rendering at default. Unfortunately, my time has been spread thin lately. As to the Mozilla part of your question, I have been tangling with this for years. About the time of your post, someone posted at the Vuze forum about this and I set out again for an answer. I believe this time I have found the answer. If you want to be a tester for this to make sure, I would appreciate it. If it works out for you, then I will post a guide. Nothing bad can happen from testing. Are you running a 32 bit version of Firefox?

Hi Steve,
I have just changed PC'S. so downloaded Vuze on new P.C. kickass is missing and meta search very very limited.
Came across your site (Very good even for a mere beginner like me) but the download link to BitSnoop.vuze doesn't seem to work.Any help greatly appreciated.

Jenny I am not sure where your issue is. I just checked the Bitsnoop.vuze download and it is working for me. Also, the BitSnoop template is working in my Vuze. Are you able to download any of the templates? If not, then which browser are you using? Steve

Steve, which torrent software are you now using?

I am in the middle of testing for the Best Free Bittorrent Client review here and hope to have a new review up soon. There are several excellent bittorrent clients out there and which is best is a matter of personal preference. Nowadays, my personal preference is for a basic bittorrent client that does the downloading well and has enough information to help keep the torrents fast. I am no longer interested in seeing all the information that some clients offer and having a lot of options to play with. Vuze has a lot of options and some special features (bind to VPN and streaming)that make it appealing to certain users, but I have no need for those. Vuze was my primary choice for several years, but in the past few years I switched to qBittorrent. qBittorrent is small and fast and does have some good features (its torrent search within the client is probably the best - though I do no use it). qBittorrent has consistently tested as the fastest client in my reviews, though several clients are very close. In the past couple years I have been using private sites more and unfortunately, qBittorrent is not accepted at some. So for my private sites I use uTorrent 2.0.4 as it is universally accepted. Anyways, it is best to have two different clients for private and public sites as the client used for private sites should have DHT and PEX disabled, while the public site client should have those enabled. I have been testing uTorrent 2.0.4 in my latest testing and it has performed very well. I was testing it because I do not feel that uTorrent/BitTorrent have made any positive changes in the past few years. There is a good chance that I will be suggesting that over the present versions of uTorrent/BitTorrent. Steve

Thanks for the fast response and info Steve. I've used Vuze for about 3 years now and followed the developments to the Vuze templates you list on the other site. I always used Vuze because I thought the use of the templates produced the widest range of results. I'm in the UK and use PIA VPN, but I don't really use any of the other advanced Vuze features - I like to get in and get out with what I want without faffing about. For about the last 6 months I've added paid Usenet (NewsHosting) to my searches as this often finds documentaries and rare music that Vuze often can't find.

Does uTorrent have the same kind of templates to Vuze or similar search options to get a wide range of results? Any other info relted to this and on the best way to search is appreciated.


No uTorrent does not have a meta search option like Vuze and if you are using VPN, Vuze is the only client with a built in feature to stop transfers if the VPN fails. Personally, I prefer going directly to the torrent search sites as I can see immediately if the torrent is verified to be clean and real. Then I can read comments about quality. KAT has the best setup for quality comments and that is why it is my number 1 choice. If what I want is not there, then I like to use Torrentz or BitSnoop. Both of these are meta search sites that cull results from many torrent sites and trackers. All 3 of those are available as Vuze search templates, but I find that the search through Vuze does not reveal as many results. For instance a search of potter reveals 25 results at KAT in Vuze and 5,289 at the site. In the site results, you can see the crown image (verified to be clean and real) in the search results, plus you can sort to get to what you want. By checking those 3 and the other sites listed in the Best Free Torrent Search Engines I have always found what I am looking for. As far as the client, I would suggest staying with Vuze since you are using the VPN. Its speeds are very comparable to the other excellent clients and the ability to bind to the VPN is a real plus. Vuze does use more RAM, but the amount it uses (on a modern computer) is negligible. I would suggest trying direct searches and see how you like it. Steve

HI I opened up vuze one day and I noticed the layout had changed i.e the advanced search and torrent list was on the top instead of the right hand side. A friend said that some of the torrents had become dnr'd so went to Vuze downloads and downloaded the Torrenze project (4th Nov) but there seems to be no improvement... I'm still getting limited selection of searches.. what am I doing wrong? Please Help!

The moving of the torrent site listing and advanced search should not have affected any of the search templates. I have all of the templates from the site linked in this article and they are all working for me (in the USA) in my Vuze. Are you in the UK? The ISPs there were recently ordered to block many of the torrent sites. Did you get your templates from the page linked in this article? Steve

Yes I'm in the UK. I downloaded 'Torrentproject' posted on 4th November. What I can't understand is a friend of mine says he downloaded the same one and get everything??

That is strange as torrentproject is not on the list of blocked sites for the UK. Can you access the site in your browser?

Yes I can, it opens up a new browser search engine. would that be right?

Yes. That is the site that Vuze is (or should be) getting results from when you add that template in to Vuze. Vuze does not really have any content of its own. The meta search just culls results from torrent search sites on the web that have been added in to the meta search through Vuze search templates. Anyhow, the fact that you can access through the browser makes it very hard to figure what is wrong within Vuze. If you can access a site through the browser, then Vuze should be able to access through the meta search after you have added the template. I know there is nothing rong with the template as it works for both I and your friend. At this time all I can suggest is to delete the template from Vuze and try to re-add it back in. Also, you could just search directly at the site - it probably will return even more results than Vuze does as Vuze limits the amount of results from any given site.

Hi Steve, Thanks for the vuze templates, btw demonoid has changed to, do you think you can make a template for please thanks!!!!! On your site I can not post a comment, it said I did not have acess. Thanks again!

Just an FYI that Torfeat did create a 1337x template and it is working and up for download at the template site in the guide here.
I have tried to get a template working, but have been unsuccessful. I can get it loaded and a check mark, but no results. I have now started testing bittorrent clients for the Best Free Bittorrent Client review (as well as updating the free book pages here) and will not have time to mess with the templates for a while. I suggest you put up a request to Torfeat/The Computerholic's blog I finally figured out that Google Sites only allows comments from editors of the page and have removed the comments section to avoid confusion. Thanks for letting me know as your response prompted me to look further into that and find the answer. Steve