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Hide & Lock µTorrent (BitTorrent) From Other Users


This guide will show how to hide and lock µTorrent (or BitTorrent) from other users.  BitTorrent and µTorrent are identical so this guide may be used for either.  I will refer only to µTorrent in the guide, but everything applies to BitTorrent.  For this guide I am using screenshots from BitTorrent.

While these tips will hide and lock µTorrent from other users, the µTorrent process will always be visible in Task Manager.and may be stopped there.  If you do not want µTorrent to appear in the Task Manager, there is a workaround.  Rename the µTorrent.exe file to something else.  I used sorting.exe and instead of µTorrent in the task manager, sorting is showing.  You may have to redo firewall settings if you already had set them for µTorrent program and not the port.

if µTorrent (or BitTorrent) is running and someone tries to add a torrent or magnet, then they will get a message that µTorrent (or BitTorrent) is already running. (This is true even if you change the name of the exe as above).

There are four parts to the guide:

Hiding µTorrent - using the Boss Key option within µTorrent

Locking µTorrent - using the Password option associated with the Boss Key option above

Hiding µTorrent on Startup - from system startup or program startup

Unhiding µTorrent - in case you forgot the Boss Key or Password

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Hiding  µTorrent 

µTorrent has a Boss-Key feature that can be used to make µTorrent invisible on the desktop and in the taskbar.   

This setting is at Options>Preferences>General



To set a Boss-Key, a combination of modifier key (Ctrl, Shift or Alt) and the key (numbers, letters or function keys) is used.  At default Alt is used.  So if you tick in the Boss-Key box and press Q, then Alt-Q will be the Boss-Key.  If you wish to use Shift or Ctrl, then that key and the number/letter must be pressed at the same time after you tick the Boss-Key box.  Press OK when through.

The only warning I would give is to avoid using a key combination that is already used by Windows, such as Ctrl+C.  The Boss Key will take over this combination.

Be sure to remember your Boss-Key combination.

Locking µTorrent

If you also want to lock other users out of µTorrent,  just below the BossKey option is an option to set a BossKey password (see image above).   If enabled and password set, when µTorrent is in BossKey, it will also be locked to those without password.  

This will require a password to open µTorrent, if it is hidden.  This will not require a password to use µTorrent if it is not hidden, so it will not lock users out unless µTorrent is hidden.  So, I am not sure how much security this adds.

Hiding µTorrent On Startup

There are two parts to this guide.  You may have µTorrent start hidden upon system startup or upon its startup through a shortcut.  Probably using both of these options is what most users who want their µTorrent hidden would want.

You can also lock µTorrent from other users by setting the password as above.  This will add a password request to re-enabling the GUI through the Boss Key.

Starting and hiding µTorrent on system startup

Hiding µTorrent from startup through shortcut

Starting and Hiding µTorrent On System Startup

First you must set the option for µTorrent to run at system startup

This setting is at Options>Preferences>General

After enabling that option, µTorrent will be in the proper place of the registry to edit. 

Go to Start>Run and type regedit and press OK









You will then see the screen below. 
Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run


You will then see the µTorrent start up path on this screen
Double-click on the µTorrent entry to amend


You will then see this screen
Add space then /HIDE to the end of the command.  Press OK

Your µTorrent should now start on Windows start up and be invisible.
To have µTorrent be visible, press the Boss-Key combination you chose.

Hiding µTorrent From Startup Through Shortcut

Here the /hide option will be added to both the desktop and Start menu shortcuts, so that the Boss Key will be needed to access µTorrent when using either.

Right-click on either of those shortcuts, select Properties and then the Shortcut tab and you will see the following:

Enter space and then /hide as in below image, then press OK.

Unhiding µTorrent

In case you forget the Boss Key or Password, the best option is to end the process through Windows Task Mananger and go to the µTorrent folder in Program Files and open the exe within there.  Then you can go to Options>Preferences>General and see the Boss Key and reset the Password, if needed.

To access Windows Task Manager, easiest way is to right-click on the Windows Task Bar and select Task Manager.  Then select the Processes tab and find the µTorrent entry (you can sort by name by clicking on the Name column header).


Hopefully this guide has helped you to hide and lock  µTorrent (or BitTorrent) from other users.

If you find a mistake in the guide or have a question, please post here or in our Forums.

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