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Web Site: www.carrot

This is a web based inkjet cartridge supply company founded in 1998.  

Impressions were favorable right from the start.  If you are like me and like clean, simple web design, then you'll love this site.  Carrotlink have clearly had their site professionally designed and it shows.

To locate your cartridge, you select then printer brand from the front page then select your cartridge by part number or printer model from a series of pull down lists. Not quite as nice as a search box on the front page but it works well enough.

Once you get to the right page you will have a variety of cartridge options available including a "Carrot bunch" which is essentially a value pack of 6 or so cartridges.

We opted for the plain vanilla single item choice and prices were incredibly sharp though it should be stated that two of the cartridges in out test purchase batch were on special and this lowered the cost beyond normal levels.

Alas unlike some other sites, shipping is not free.

You can chose shipping via USPS  for $3.95 or FedEx next business day at $7.95. We opted for the former.

The products arrived as ordered and in good condition 7 days (5 business days) after ordering. About average for USPS.

Carrotink offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their cartridges and will refund or exchange whether opened and/or used.  To test this claim, we returned some of cartridges in a used condition and yes indeed, they gave us a full refund. Only a few suppliers offer this level of guarantee and I must say we were impressed.

I should also say that CarrotInk make claims that their compatible cartridges give results as good as or better than OEM cartridges. Having used both their black and color cartridges I can concur that the results were just as good.  Whether they were better, well...

Overall, CarrotInk offer great products at excellent  prices with a reassuring returns policy coupled with an attractive and easy to use web site. If the shipping was free it would jump to the top of our list.

Web Site: www.carrot

Credit cards accepted Amex, MC, Visa, Discover/Novus
Checks accepted Yes Money orders accepted No
Order by phone Yes Order by fax Yes, mail too.
International orders accepted No Customer service hotline No, email only
100% satisfaction guarantee Yes Return Period 30 days
Cost of our order $33.35 Shipping cost  $3.95 ground mail, over $60 free 
Total cost: $37.30 

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I have been using Carrot Ink generic toner cartridges for several years for my Canon Pixma MX882 printer. I've noticed a distinct DECREASE in quality over my last few shipments.

For instance, on 2 different occasions my printer informed me one of my ink cartridges was empty (one time it was yellow toner and another time it was the big black cartridge that was empty) although I had recently changed both of these toners. However, I was forced to change the toner cartridge because my printer would print blank documents unless I changed this faulty cartridge. When I checked the cartridge after replacing the one that was not working, I could clearly see that there was plenty of toner still inside the faulty cartridge.

This error has occurred twice now and is very annoying and costly. Obviously, this is a quality issue.

When I tried to complain to Carrot Ink using their customer service phone number, I was continually told by an automated message to call back during normal their business hours. However, although I tried several times to call during their "normal central time zone business hours" I would continually get the same automated message telling me to call back during normal business hours. Their message seems to run no matter the time of day! Thus, I was never able to get through to Carrot Ink customer service. What a scam!

I am done with Carrot Ink. Save yourself money and go to a more reputable company for your toner cartridges. Carrot Ink's quality is very poor and their customer service is nonexistent.

Avoid Carrot Ink at all cost! They were great when they started, but then they sold out and their quality hit the toilet!!

Poor reliability, inconsistent performance, horrid customer service, cartridges that don't get the picture, right?!?!?

Carrot Ink? Nope. Carrot Stink!!

I bought an Xerox Laser toner and it leaks. As a result, the printer is permanently damaged. I have bought other compatible toners elsewhere, and this is the first one that leaks and causes hundreds dollars of damage. I contacted them. They said sorry. But don't expect anything from them. I think they should be removed from ISO certification and wish they go out of business soon.