Titan Backup: Special Promotional Offer


Sorry - the free offer below has now expired! However Titan is now offering our site visitors the full product for $15 rather than $40.  This is a really sharp price made possible by Titan's generosity and the fact that this site  takes no commission. Full details here:


Neobyte Solutions has offered our site visitors a full commercial version of Titan Backup,  a secure, automated and easy-to-use backup solution for all your photos, music, emails, settings and important documents.

When I was first approached by the developer, Neobyte Solutions, I was a little cautious, particularly when McAfee Site Advisor indicated that some of the links on the Neobyte site led to other sites that offer products containing adware.  However after testing, I satisfied myself that the Neobyte site itself was fine and Titan Backup was adware and spyware free. 

In fact after testing my attitude changed from caution to enthusiam. This is an excellent commercial backup program and rates in the top group of products in its class. There is no freeware backup program that comes anywhere near this in quality or features.  PC World also liked it.

Please follow the below steps to install and activate the full version of Titan Backup.

Step1:  Download the latest version of Titan Backup Personal from http://www.titanbackup.com/download.html  by hitting the "Download 15-Day Trial"  and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Start the program, you will get a window with the following buttons:  'Buy now', 'Enter key', 'Continue trial.' Click on the link 'Enter Key' and enter the following serial number to activate the full version:

(Serial number removed as offer has now expired)

After entering the serial key,  you will get a message saying that the key has been successfully stored and after that a window with the following fields:

Your full name :  (required)  Enter here your name.  This is stored in the Neobyte database to identify you as a customer and also it will appear in the About window of the program.
Company: ( optional)
Email: ( optional )

Hit the 'Register & Activate' button and you are done!


NOTE: This offer expires on July 1, 2008 for new registrations.  Registrations before that time will however  remain valid without time or feature limitation.  So get in while you can!