Installing µTorrent (or BitTorrent) Without Toolbar and Ads



I have seen a number of users complain  about how they were saddled with a toolbar during the installation of µTorrent and BitTorrent..  I put up this guide to help users avoid this aggravation.  µTorrent and BitTorrent are owned by the same company and are identical, other than name and color, bittorrent clients.  So this guide applies to both clients, even though the images are from µTorrent.  This guide applies to µTorrent version 3.3 and BitTorrent version 7.7.3.

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For a listing of all the bittorrent help pages here at Gizmo's Freeware, please see


I assume that you already have the installer from the download link in the Best Free Bittorrent Client Review.   Note that the Plus version offered at the download location has nothing that aids in the bittorrent process.  The Plus version does offer some extra features that the free software offerings here at TSA can perform just as well, if not better.  So, the Plus version is not suggested.  If you want to give money to µTorrent, better to give a donation.

Double-click on the installer to start the installation process.

You will first see three screens that have no issues:

  • The Welcome Screen  Just press Next
  • The Warning Screen  Warns of scams charging for  µTorrent or BitTorrent.  Just press Next
  • The License Agreement The license for µTorrent or BitTorrent.  Just press I Agree.

 You will then see the Choose Install Location screen which gives you the option to  choose an install location and also decide on start menu entry, desktop shortcut and quick launch shortcut.
I suggest leaving the install location at default.  The other options are to your personal preference.


You will then see the Configuration screen.  This gives the options of add an exception for µTorrent in Windows firewall (enable if that is your firewall) and to start µTorrent on Windows startup (your personal preference).
The other options to associate µTorrent with torrents, magnets and btsearch should be left enabled.


You will then see a Featured Content offer.  This is a clean and legal download of either video or audio content offered by µTorrent.  Whether to download is your personal preference.  If you reject the download here, you can always get it after installation is complete through the Featured Content offered in µTorrent.  Press Next.

You will then see the Toolbar Offer screen.  The toolbar is not necessary for µTorrent to run properly.  I suggest that you do not install the toolbar..   At present, the toolbar offered is from Conduit.  Although Conduit has a green (OK) rating from Web of Trust (WOT), if you look at the comments a number of users have had issues with their toolbars. 
Installation of this toolbar does provide income to µTorrent developers, but given the issues with uninstalling mentioned at WOT, I do not suggest installng with the idea to get money to µTorrent abd then remove.
You should disable all options here and then press next.



You will then see some software offers.  These are not necessary to run µTorrent properly and I suggest that you decline.  You may see more than one offer.  You should tick Decline in the lower left corner of the screen.
If you accept an offer, it does provide income to the developers of µTorrent.


Once µTorrent is installed, there are a few adjustments you may make to remove advertisements from the interface.

In µTorrent go to Options>Preferences>Advanced and set the following to False.  Type the appropriate word into the Filter box on the Advanced page and then highlight the entry to set to False.

  • Left Rail Offer - Filter left to see "offers.left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer"
  • Upsell Offer   -  Filter upsell  to see "gui.show_plus_upsell"
  • Sponsored Torrent Offer - Filter spon to see "offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled/sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled"
  • Pulse   -  Filter pulse to see "bt.enable_pulse"
  • No torrent page - filter noto to see "gui.show_notorrents_node"
  • Autoexecute Content Offers - Filter autoex to see "offers.content_offer_autoexec"



Your µTorrent should now be installed.  Hopefully this guide helped you to understand that the toolbars and software offers included in the installation are not necessary to the proper runing of µTorrent and allowed you to have a clean installation.

If you have any questions, you may post here or in our fora.

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Hi All
I've been having an issue logging onto the utorrrent forums. i get this message
You are not allowed to visit this community.

Need Help?

& if I try to message them I get a rejection Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain
I know this probably not the right place to ask but I tried on Google with absolutely no result & that's a first
& I'm hopeful that someone here can help.
One thing that may or may not be relevant is that I had just set up a static IP address which I tested & got a thumbs up for Thanks in advance for any help regards Beebee

It could be something simple. Try purging your cookies & site history using CCleaner. Otherwise, your recent change of IP address may be connected and it's possible this address is on a block list. If clearing your browser cache does not solve it, you will need to contact your ISP although if their domain has been used by others in an abusive manner (spam, scams etc), it's possible that all of the addresses they can issue will be blocked. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks that worked I probably removed to much! I had some difficulty logging on here after, it told me my email address was a reserved user name. I just reduced it to ibbeebee & it was fine Thanks for the help beebee

Well it seems I have somehow offended the powers that be on the uTorrent forum or at least that's my interpretation.
If i clear out all cookies relating to uTorrent I can then open the site & read the forum responses but if I try to log in I get a warning message from Firefox about the sites security certificate & if I push past that. I'm back with my "you are not allowed to visit this community" & can't log back on until I clear cookies.
It looks like it's time to find a new torrent client Regards Beebee

As of v3.3.1 build 30017 (auto downloaded via uTorrent) the uTorrent toolbar is no longer optional. The only choices are Full and Custom installation with radio buttons. I'd attach a screenshot but apparently that's not supported.

I have been away for a while and am sorry for the delay in responding. First off, I am going to add to the guide a suggestion to disable automatic updates. I just got the installer from the uTorrent site and was given the option to reject the toolbar and did not get the toolbar installed when I rejected. I also updated BitTorrent from within the client and did not get your issue. If you are still following this, I would appreciate a screenshot of what you encountered. You would have to upload it to an image service (like imageshack) and post the link here. Thanks Steve

FYI - not a beginner, yet have had three separate instances of utorrent toolbar and conduit search engine hijacking on three different computers. Knew full well how to opt out exactly as referenced above each time, and still got malware that it took hours to fully clean off and get rid of. Uninstalling didn't clean things out either, had to disable and delete add-ons in multiple browsers and eventually do a clean re-install of browser to finally be rid of the crap. Been using utorrent for years, but never again. Off to try Tixati for us...

I have seen stories such as yours from a good number of users. That is one of the reasons uTorrent will not be a top pick here. Tixati is currently the top pick here and you should be very happy with it. Steve

Myself, I just recently moved away from µTorrent because of the advertisements. What might be easier than installing µTorrent and the advertisements would be to install a less invasive bittorent program. I went with qBittorrent. Free and open source.

But those that want to try µTorrent, this is a helpful article.

qBittorrent has been a top pick here at Gizmo's Freeware and is still one of the top 2 picks here now in the Best Free BitTorrent Client  review. Steve