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This guide will help you to install µTorrent (or BitTorrent) as a portable application, either on your Windows computer or for a USB key or other portable drive.  µTorrent and BitTorrent are owned by the same company and are identical bittorrent clients (other than name and color).  So this guide applies to both clients.

There are two options, depending on your purpose.  The first option is to install uTorrent purely as a portable, for use on your computer or a portable drive.  The second option is to install uTorrent on your computer and have a portable for your external drive.

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Completely Portable

To set µTorrent up as a portable for both computer or external hard drive, there are a few simple steps.

  • Create a Folder
  • Put the uTorrent installer in that folder
  • Create a empty file with Notepad, or other text editor, and save it as settings.dat in the folder above

To create the settings,dat in Notepad, change the save file type to All Files, as in image below:


Then you can save as settings,dat.

After you have done the above, when you launch the installer from that folder µTorrent will run completely portable.

Install on Computer and Have Portable Version

µTorrent pretty much installs as a portable on its own.  As far as I could tell, the only write to the registry was for default progam designation.  Once you have installed µTorrent on your computer, you can copy the installation folder to an external drive and it will run from there as a portable.

µTorrent installs into the Application Data folder.  How to access the Application Data folder location depends on your version of Windows. 

For Windows XP click on Start and then Run and then type %appdata%.  You will be taken to the Application Data folder.  

For Windows Vista and 7, click on the Start icon and enter %appdata% in the search box.  The result will be Roaming and when you click on Roaming you will be taken to the Application Data folder.


Once in the Application Data folder location, all you have to do is copy the µTorrent folder to the location you want (i.e. external hard drive) and it will run as a portable.


Your µTorrent should now be installed as a portable. 

If you have any questions, you may post here or in our fora.

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A simpler way is to download the portable version from
Direct link to Utorrent portable download page -

Although this is a paf.exe file intended to be installed through the own program, opening it as any other exe will allow you to "install" it to any folder you wish, on a USB stick, a removeable drive, etc.etc.

Or you could use PortableApps dot com which saves messing about.