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This is a listing of 25 sites that legally offer free religion audiobooks online.

There is also a listing here at Gizmo's Freeware of written materials in this genre at  

All of these sites listed have content that is legal for them to distribute and for you to read and/or download..  If you find that any site listed is offering content that can not be legally transferred, please let me know in the comments below.

This list is not comprehensive and if you know of any other sites please post in the comments below or at our forums.

Most entries at those sites that offer only online listening or viewing can be downloaded with VideoCacheView.  Thanks to AJNorth for this tip.

A comprehensive alphabetical listing of free books for reading or listening can be found on these pages:

For a complete listing of the free ebook pages here at Gizmo's, see

Libraries are also an excellent source for reading and listening materials for this genre.  To find out more information on your local library, the links here may help:  Library Information

Free Religion & Spirituality Audiobooks

Al-Islam has almost 2700 audio lectures on Islam available for free listening online or download in MP3.  Also 727 audio recitations available for free to listen or download.  Received the following comment from Zeeshan Ali regarding this site "Please make a correction here. This link and collection here represent a sect of Islam i.e. Shia, who are not concurrent in many manners to many of Muslims and Islam."

Ambling Books  has almost 300 free audiobooks in its Religion/Spirituality category.  This is generally a pay site and free registration is required to download.  Also, their "book player" needs to be downloaded to listen.

AudioBooksForFree has 21 free audio books for download in MP3.  The free downloads are in low quality (8kbps) and registration is required.

Audio Literate has 2 free classic audiobooks in Religion available for free download in MP3 (zipped) without registration.

BooksShouldBeFree has 16 audio books available for free download in very good quality MP3 or as text for reading.

BuddhistELibrary offers around 250 free audio works on Buddhism for download in MP3.  Also, has a free video library with 71 free FLV downloads.

Christian Audio   has 452 free audiobook downloads as well as a monthly giveaway.  Registration is required.

ChristianClassicsEtherealLibrary has 35 audio books of classic Christian writers, including Chesterton, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, available for download in good quality MP3 (24kbps).

CommonSenseAtheism offers 70+ free audio books and lectures on religion.  Most of them are from Librivox, but there are a few that are not and it is a nice listing of religious themed works.

eChristian  has some free audiobooks, but they are a bit of work to find.  One has to select a genre and then sort by price low to high.  This link is to the 15 free audiobooks in its Biography and Autobiography section.  All are available for free download in MP3.  Free registration is required.

Free AudioBooks.EU has 2 free classic audiobooks in its Religion section.  Available for free download as iTunes Podcast, M4b and MP3 (as well as EPUB, MOBI and read online).

FreeAudioBooks.WS  has some interesting entries in their free MP3 audio book collection.  This link is to their Religion genre listings.

Free Christian AudioBooks has a small collection of Christian audio books for free download in WMA, MP3 or AAC.  Most of these works are not available elsewhere.

Free Listens a blog that reviews human read audiobooks from around the web.  This link is to the Religion category. 

HippoCampus   has a good collection of instuctional videos in mathematics, natural science, social science and humanities for free viewing online without registration.  These range from basic to advanced.  This link is to their Humanities Religion section which has their  World Religions course.

Islam for Universe has a large collection of audio and video English works regarding Islam.  A large amount of MP3 downloads and some video presentations.  Jehovah's Witnesses offer the Bible audio in MP3 and AAC for free download without registration.  They also offer 14 Bible Dramas and some Books and Brochures for free download in MP3 and AAC.

Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive  has a good sized collection of free audiobooks regarding Buddhism.  All are available for free download in MP3 or free listening online without registration.

LearnOutLoud has 226 free audio books under Religion & Spirituality.  They are available in different ways, including online listening, MP3 or MP4 as many link to other sites.

LibriVox has 168 free audio books on Religion available for download in MP3 (64kb/128kb) or ogg vorbis.  All are human read.

MariaLectrix is a site that is primarily known for its books catering to a Catholic readership. However they also have some interesting works that are not religious oriented, particularly in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mystery categories.  For listening online.

Mongerism offers a large collection of Christian lectures in MP3.  There was a prompt for entering your email and making a contribution, but pressing "Later"  opened the download without entering either.  They also developed the Puritan Library site (above).

PodioBooks has 6 free audio books under their Spirituality category available for download in very good quality MP3.  These were originally released as podcasts (and still are) but most are completed.  This collection will not be found elsewhere. 

PodOmatic  has a listing of the free Religion & Spirituality podcasts available through its site.  in addition to the text resources listed above, this site also has a good number of audio resources of Isalmic works.


If you know of a site that may be added to the listings, please post in the comments for the page.

I hope you enjoy the free material available through these sites.

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