Site Rules for Courtesy Between Editors


More than 60 Editors contribute to the Tech Support Alert community, and it is important that we all maintain a courteous and civilised relationship.

Here are the rules governing site courtesy:

1. Feel free to make wiki-style changes to another editor's review, but please do not approve these changes yourself where the changes alter the substance of the review. That would be impolite. Instead, email the other editor using the editor's user contact form to tell them of the changes you have made.  If the other editor does not accept these changes do not pursue the matter.

If you are only correcting grammar, punctuation and layout then there is no problem in approving changes yourself. It's just when you alter the substance of a review where you need to be respectful.

2. If you leave comments at the bottom of another editor's review please do not make them anonymous. Instead login so the comments are properly attributed to you.

3. When commenting on another editor's review, never contradict what the editor has said. If you disagree with another editor's review then email the editor directly using the editor's user contact form. If the other editor does not accept your suggestion then do not pursue the matter.

All of these rules are just different aspects of the golden rule: "Treat others as you would like them to treat you."

All editors are expected to follow these rules and we have a low tolerance of those who don't. That's because we are all volunteers here and nobody who volunteers should be expected to tolerate rudeness from his fellows.

So be warned: if you offend it's a case of "two strikes and you are out."