ZSoft Uninstaller


ZSoft Uninstaller

It monitors an installation before you do the install


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Monitors before and after installation to remove files and registry entries.
Need to tell the program to monitor an installation before you do the install.

Our Review:

Like many programs in this class, you need to tell ZSoft Uninstaller to monitor an installation before you do the install otherwise the uninstaller doesn't know what has changed.

ZSoft Uninstaller does this by taking a file and registry snapshot both before and after the install and then does a comparison to find what's changed.

The before and after approach used by the product is not foolproof as other files may change in your system during the install which are unrelated to the installation. If you then uninstall, these changes will also be reversed with possible harmful consequences. It's not likely but possible. That's why I recommend using this kind of uninstaller only when the uninstaller provided with the program fails. There's no point risking problems when you don't have to.

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