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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

A video and voice conferencing app with stability and ease of use set in mind.


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Stability, ease of use, a generous free account with rich features for holding, joining, or scheduling meetings.
Limited to 40 minutes in group meetings; privacy issues and security flaws raised, but some of them were patched recently.

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Zoom Cloud Meetings, or simply called Zoom, is a popular video and voice conferencing app for use on multiple devices across various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and the Web.

Using Zoom, you can host a meeting and invite up to 100 people to join on a free plan, with rich and generous features such as an unlimited number of meetings, unlimited time on 1-to-1 meetings, or 40 minutes on group meetings, while paid-for plans allow for more.

The conferencing service is found stable and easy to use. After signing in, you are able to effortlessly invite your contacts to join a meeting with Zoom contacts, or get new invitees through messages, email, or other social media with a URL given. If you're invited to a meeting in Zoom, you don't need to create a Zoom account unless the host has restricted participants who are logged into Zoom.

During a video meeting, the service dynamically detects which person is speaking and shifts the video feed to the current speaker. It provides a full screen or gallery view showing up to 25 video feeds per screen.

Alongside Zoom meetings, the app has a chat function that lets you send group text, files, screen captures, and images.

With a Zoom desktop client, you can make use of its local recording to record meeting video in MP4, audio in M4A, and chat in text format to a computer, but a meeting host is able to control the participant's video, audio and screen sharing options.

Zoom has reached millions of users around the world. Even so, it has faced some criticisms on a number of privacy and security issues, such as the degree of end-to-end encryption, 'zoomboming' meetings, etc, while the company headquartered in California is taking steps to resolve the issues.

The features provided by Zoom are plentiful and vary on the devices and the plans applied. To get started, head to its FAQ and read more about its privacy and security on its website.


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