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Zoho Calendar

Similar to Google calendar but has a more attractive interface


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Search events feature, import calendars from file or subscribe via url, embed the day's agenda on a webpage and export calendar ics.
No copy and paste function, so you can't copy and paste an appointment or event from another calendar to Zoho without using keyboard short-cuts, right click won't work on the calendar.

Our Review:

Zoho calendar has many of Google calendar's features but its GUI is much more attractive and easy to use. I prefer Zoho calendar even though Google calendar has its advantage in compatibility and integration across devices.

Zoho calendar is also an online calendar, so to use it you will need to create a Zoho account. Once created you have access to a wide range of Zoho products and services including, Zoho docs (a little like Google docs), notebook and other tools geared towards business. To get started with Zoho calendar, you can import an ics file from an existing calendar or subscribe to other online calendars via their url; or just start a new calendar by adding events manually.

Zoho supports displaying different calendars at once differentiated by their different display colours so Zoho can be used for personal and business at the same time but clearly showing which is a work event and which is a personal event such as a birthday.

Events can be set as one-time events or recurring events. Web page url's can also be attached to an event. Images can't be attached to an event other than image url's like webpage url's.

Multiple reminders can be set for events and are in the form of email or pop-ups on the page you're viewing.

Zoho calendar can be displayed by week, month, agenda or day. Zoho also has a search feature to look for events like birthdays or meetings, and has a print function if you need.

The calendar events, times, or basic info can be shared with the users who also have a Zoho account to access your shared calendar. There's also an option to embed a calendar onto a webpage like a blog. The calendar can be exported in ics format for backup or import into another calendar.

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