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iTools windowThe web is full of amazingly useful sites that allow you to do just about anything for free, with no need to download or install software on your PC. Whether you're searching for an online dictionary or thesaurus, an image or video editor, financial data, language translation, tools to help you play Scrabble or solve a crossword clue, or just about anything else, it's out there. Trouble is, it can be hard to find the best site for the job.

Which is why I'm rather taken by a site called iTools, which is a single-page portal to hundreds of sites. The headline of iTools is "Use the best tools for the job", and that sums it up pretty accurately. I'm sure it's also no coincidence that the site colour theme is yellow, as this single page of links is as useful than any Yellow Pages I've ever used.

You can check it out at and you'll need nothing more than a web browser in order to do so.




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Comments seems great, BUT not all pieces are free, as you will find if / when you go to any portion of SPOKEO. I see 3 month & 6 month subscriptions on one inquiry. 'nuff said !

A good start, but lots is still missing from iTools (unless I just couldn't find it). Where are the websites for online:
* PDF creation
* Audio/video file format conversion
* Graphics files format conversion
* Drawing tools
* etc., etc. etc.

I'm guessing this is a work in progress, so I'll check back from time to time to see.

I hope Rob wasn't serious when he stated he still uses the Yellow Pages....makes you wonder if he has a pet dinosaur too. Never hurts to have a variety of links to utility tools so I will add this to my other bookmarks.

Thanks Rob!
I am convinced that presently there is no need to download or install software on our PCs to get done most of our daily tasks.
That is why your advise to use iTools is a very valuable one.

The responses from crosseyed and MC seem to talk about different things. I have yet to find a computer that brings PC Decrapifier pre installed with it from the factory. And naturally I second the notion that every brand name computer should be cleaned up BEFORE it's put on the Internet the first time.

I strongly second the warning against PC Decrapifier; a customer had bought it some time ago and I saw it on his machine.
In the end it presented a list with remove/leave alone choices that the poor customer could not make. And that was what he had spent money on. Maybe newer versions are somewhat better but I doubt it.

Seems somewhat strange that you would be visiting a site like this if you felt downloading software was unnecessary. In any event it's a win/win situation because they offer articles here on how to get rid of the pre-installed bloatware that comes with most computers.

crosseyedlemon makes a very valid point but just a word of caution regarding software such as PC Decrapifier. Often the results when using such tools are ambiguous to say the least and you can soon break parts of your Windows system or inhibit the ability to restore it should the need arise at a later date. I would advise researching any potentially unwanted components individually before attempting to remove them. MC - Site Manager.