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PDF files, popular and used by many, look like what they would if printed, and for reading, text often can’t reflow to fit into a small screen.

No doubt it is comfortable to read a PDF file saved in A4 or letter size on a PC screen, but it is too small to read on a smartphone screen. To read a full page on a small screen, you will need to stretch or unpinch it. To read a stretched page across the screen, you will need to pan left and right. It’s a bad experience in reading a PDF file on mobiles, isn’t it?

If you feel the same like me, try Foxit MobilePDF. Among its other competitive features, it is one of the great companions that help enhance your experience in reading PDF's particularly on small devices.

Get this app and open a PDF file, tap the "T" button, then tap the "A+" or "A-" button to adjust the font size to suit your need. You will see that the app allows text to wrap around in a paragraph without crossing the screen. This certainly makes your reading PDF files on small screens a great pleasure, no more swiping left and right in order to read every single line.

For this to work, though, the PDF file must be text searchable. Fortunately PDF files created directly with a word processor are mostly text searchable, but PDF files created by scanning hard-copy documents are usually not. Unless resorting to optical character recognition, scanned PDF files often treat text as raster images and do not have the same structure as PDF files that are text searchable.

Foxit MobilePDF runs on Android, iOS and Windows RT. Understandably this feature is designed for smartphone users and applicable only to the versions for Android and iPhone.

Give this app a spin and share your experience with us.


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