You Will Need This Excellent Distraction-Free Text Editor for Android



For writing in a small screen size on a mobile device, you may find that a note-taking app is too simple to suit your need. It often keeps text in its own notebook form and does not deal with individual files.

On the other end, you may also dislike a full-blown word processor. It overfills your small screen with more formatting tools than you actually need. It does save every document in one file, though.

Gladly, there is a middle ground and it is where a plain text editor comes in. It allows you to focus on writing and editing lots of text in a file on a small-screen device. And it does not distract you from writing like with a complicated word processor.

If such a simple text editor is what you want, then you need to give JotterPad a try. It runs in Android and works really well even in a basic version that is free for you to install and use.





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