The Word Processor That Won't Let You Quit!


Cold Turkey WriterWhen you've got some writing that you really have to get done, it's hard to avoid distractions. Especially on your PC, where the world of social media and online games is just a couple of clicks away.

So here's a really neat solution, in the form of a text editor that helps you break the habit of taking frequent breaks.

Cold Turkey Writer is a simple notepad program. It's a small 300 KB download from and is rated as reputable by Web of Trust. VirusTotal claims it's malware-free too. And it's portable so it runs straight away with nothing to install.

What sets Cold Turkey Writer apart from all the other notepad apps out there is that, when you start it up, you're asked to set a target of a certain number of minutes or a specific number of words. Once you've done that, you have no option but to start writing. Because you can't use anything else on your PC and you can't quit the program until you hit target.

Try using it on the kids, next time they have an essay to write as part of their homework!

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