This Word Game Has Me Obsessed Right Now!


After my most recent postings here, which have been quite technical in nature, here's something a little less nerdy!

puzzgridIf you're based in the UK, or you're a fan of the BBC television quiz called "Only Connect", you'll know all about word wall puzzles. Faced with a grid of 16 words, you have to split them into 4 groups of 4. Which means that you have to spot the connections. You have 3 minutes to complete the wall. You can have as many tries as you like, until 2 of the 4 rows are complete, then you only have 3 tries at getting the final 2 rows.

I have to admit to being quite a fan of these puzzles, so here's a site that gives you loads of them to try. Just point your browser at and engage brain! And yes, there are some "genuine" wall puzzles on the official BBC site, but they're not easily accessible to everyone outside the UK so I decided to go with this alternative source.

Oh, and if you want to try the actual wall in the picture, go straight to and your first set is "Inter, Poker, Type, Chalk", as they can all be followed by the word "Face".

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You would have to be English - not British - to get some of these.
Cryptic crosswords are much easier.

Chalkface is a word? I had to look it up and found out that it's used in the UK. Americans might be a little more puzzled than the Brits by these word wall puzzles from the BBC. Not complaining. Just commenting.

"Chalkface" is a geological term, i believe.

If you think this is tricky, try some British "cryptic" crossword puzzles.

It appears to be the American English equivalent of a chalk board, as would be found in a classroom.