This Windows Search Tool Is Super Fast and Easy To Use


WizFile interfaceWindows built in search has improved over the years but it can be slow and cumbersome. This Windows search tool is fast and easy to use.

Wizfile is a free program that makes searching Windows fast and easy. It searches your system's master file table (MFT) instead of indexing all the files on your drive, which produces super fast results. The interface is simple and easy to use for everyone, whether you're new to computers or have more advanced skill levels.

WizFile's useful features include opening any file or folder listed in the search pane, renaming a file or folder, deleting or wiping a file or folders from within the program, copying a file path, and launching the command prompt. It also monitors your system for changes and updates the results as they happen. WizFile searches any NTFS drives, though that's easily changed in the options menu (FAT32 format isn't supported).

Search results can be sorted by file name, path, size, date modified, attributes and allocated. Wizfile can use additional search parameters like wild cards, a space acts like a logical "AND" operator. The vertical pipe symbol is used as the "OR" operator. However, it doesn't support search using regular expressions.
The only issue I have with this program is that functions are carried out by menu or keyboard shortcuts, there are no context menu (right click) options.

WizFile is brought to you by AntiBody Software, the same folks who created WizMouse, one of the "gotta have it" programs on any computer I use.
It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, comes in portable and installable versions, runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10, and is malware free according to VirusTotal.

Download WizFile

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Appreciate this post... and the many valuable comments!

Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and I totally agree with you on the great comments from others. :)

I use Effective File Search.
Though it has not been maintained for sometime it works just fine on Win10 and below.
It is fast, low on resources, does not use indexing and can search within documents.

Looks interesting, I'll have a look at it.

I forgot about WizMouse. I used to use that for a long time in the past but it's no longer on this computer. Went to their website and it doesn't show WizMouse for Win 10. :-(

Wizmouse runs fine on my Windows 10 installation. It was an upgrade, not a clean install, so Wizmouse was already installed and continues to work.

I also use Everything and am amazed at how all-encompassing it is. If I type the word "ass" in the search box it'll come up with 2,000 instances of those 3 letters, either at the beginning, middle, or end of it's results.

Wise JetSearch is my fav for many reasons including it is portable and works on FAT hard drives. Check it out: This company has quite a few freeware programs which I regularly use on my own and the dozens of computers I repair.

This WiseCleaner 'suite' looks interesting. Has it (or some of the programs in it) been reviewed here at Gizmo's?

Why would one use this over Everything, which is an FOSS? You don't know what they are doing with the contents they index behind the scenes.

Not every piece of software works for every single person. What works for one, doesn't always fit with the way another person works, or someone might use more than one piece of software that does the same thing. From where I sit, the goal is to offer alternatives that people might find useful or that they like better than what they are using now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As to it not being FOSS, that's not a concern with software from this developer for me. I've been using their software for many, many years. Not all developers want to open their code, for various valid reasons.

I use Everything and find it excellent - it is not slow in loading if you in the Options set it up to run at Windows start. (Well, it may be slow, but at the time you want to use it, it is ready and very quick).

Everything by voidtools is what I've been using for years. :)

I have used all the mentioned file search free utilities
They all do the essentially the same thing - list all the files by name, that reside on your computers drives

- Everything
- Hddb
- Swiftsearch
- Wizfile
- Ultrasearch

Wizfile is very fast, and searches your entire computer. The problem is that it is resource intensive. Check task manager or a related utility after you have run Wizfile. On my computer, Wizfiles has a 350MB footprint, when I tested it today

Swiftsearch is the utility that I recommend.
I like that you can just search in one drive, for example an external drive you have connected to your computer
Another advantage, is that it has half the memory requirement as Wizfile, 153MB footprint, when I tested it today
https projects swiftsearch

'Everything' is fine and has been around for years,
The advantage Everything has it is it not as resource intensive s the other two. It used 38MB memory when I ran it today, which is a great advantage !
However, Everything is very slow to load when you first open it, as it scans your computer
I prefer a utility to be ready without delay, as soon as it is started, and both SwiftSearch and Wizfiles are fast to start up

I do find over time that some of these file search utlities stop working on your own computer setup/configuation, so if this is the case see if the latest version available works for you
Hddb for example was excellent, but it stopped working on my computer

Unless I am mistaken, none of these programs can search for certain text within a file
When someone finds the utility that can do fast file searchs (like Wizfile, SwiftSearch), AND can also search for files which contain specific text, then that will be an awesome find !

Thanks for the great review...

I'm glad you liked it. :)

Good overview, thanks.
I did notice that WizFile is more resource intensive, but I don't typically use it for long so that's not an issue on my system. Everything by voidtools is my everyday go to program. I haven't used Swift Search, I'll check it out. :)

And the 150 MB difference is less than 4% of a 4 GB system. 2% of 8 GB, etc. Down in the weeds, in my minuscule opinion

Does WizFile search for words within files?  Personally, that's the type of program that I like to use.  Also, does it search network shares?  In other words, can it search across a network environment?  This is a very useful feature in a work environment.  For those purposes, I still like Everthing, Agent Ransack, and Locate32; even though they may be older programs.

you could use GrepWin for searching text inside files, it's very powerful

That or Astrogrep are good. :)

It searches network shares, it doesn't search for words in files. I've used all the programs you mention, all are good ones. :)

WizFile is strictly a search doesn't have the other functions of WizTree like finding large files and visualizing disk space. WizTree is closer to a disk space analyzer like WinDirStat. WizTree also doesn't support search operators or filters. Similar, but not the same functionality in both. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wiztree is already an application by the same company with slightly different interface and version numbers.

This is confusing