A Whole New Genre of File Manager?


If you've used a computer-based calendar or diary before, such as Outlook or Google, you'll be familiar with the sort of view shown in the screenshot below.  But take another look at the picture, because this isn't my calendar.  The program I'm using is called Nemo Docs and it's actually a file manager.  I can view the files that have recently been edited on my PC by day, week, month or year.  Needless to say, double-clicking a file opens it for editing with the default application for that file type.  You can also filter by file type, such as documents, images, PDF files, presentations, and so on.

It even indexes your files to provide a full text search facility too.

So next time you're trying to remember the name of that spreadsheet you were editing last Wednesday morning, this is the program you need.

Nemo Docs is free, runs on Windows XP and above, and is only a 0.5 MB download (though you'll need .NET v4 too, if you don't already have it).   Get it from www.nemo-docs.com.


My thanks to user "Panzer" for bring this great Hot Find to my attention.



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