Wallpaper of the Week: Night Desert


This week's wallpaper is a series of sand dunes under a star filled sky. Light from the side of the dunes adds contour and depth to the dunes. This background has gentle curves and soft earth tones, and icons show up well. Original image by Walid Ahmad at Pexels, more resolutions at the link below.

Desert dunes under starry sky

This wallpaper is available in several resolutions for many devices, install it using the directions for your specific device or browser.

Download Night Desert Wallpaper

What's on my monitor right now?
The Olympic Range (5617X3750) (via Malevolint/reddit)
Olympic Range

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Most of your wallpapers are great but this is fantastic, my sort of colours too.

I'm happy you enjoy them. :)

Your Olympic Range wallpaper is awesome too

I've been enjoying it. I've been checking in at the reddit earth p**n page, some nice stuff lately. :)

From reddit, happened yesterday.

That's amazing.