Wallpaper of the Week: Lava Flowing Into the Ocean


This weeks wallpaper shows thin streams of orange lava flowing into the ocean. The image captures the intense orange lava flowing off the dark ledges of solidified lava into the ocean waves, captured at what seems to be a slow shutter speed to make them appear almost smooth. Rising steam rises appears wind-blown. Icons show up well on this background.

Lava Flowing into Ocean Wallpaper

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Awesome rhiannon, thanks, yep, looks like Hawaii, :)

@Fairportfan,I was 'with' the lads and lady from the drummer auditions before L&L to Babbacombe Lee, I wonder if we know each other?

I wouldn't say the shutter speed was all THAT slow - look at the waves.

From the general appearance of the image, i'd say that's in Hawaii, and the lava there tends to be quite smooth and fluid.

Lava flows there form tubes, as the outer surface of the tube cools and the interior keeps flowing, leaving a hollow tube.

I didn't know there were different kinds of lava in different parts of the world, that's really interesting.

It could be the shutter speed wasn't all that slow, and no way to know if that's an original image that hasn't been altered. The waves are clear, so... ¯\(º_o)/¯

Here's a touristy thing about a big lava tube in Hawaii: https://www.gohawaii.com/fr/islands/hawaii-big-island/regions/kau/nahuku-thurston-lava-tube

Thanks, that looks amazing, wish I was there. :)