Wallpaper of the Week: Holiday Wallpaper Roundup


Holiday Wallpaper RoundupThis week I thought I'd present a few lesser known sites that have a good selection of seasonal holiday wallpapers. I haven't found any sites that have a good collection of wallpapers that represent all the holidays that occur during this time of the year, so most of the wallpapers have the usual collection of subjects.....snow, ornaments, lights, trees, etc. One site has desktop wallpapers that have calendars on them though you can download the images with or without the calendars. Happy Holidays everyone. :)

Wallpapers Wide is a favorite site because you can count on it to have good selection of images in a wide range of resolutions, usually everything from dual monitor to mobile devices, netbooks and more. They have wallpapers that range from traditional holiday themes to Star Wars and cartoon characters - plenty of selections to choose from.

Vlad Studio is an old favorite. He isn't creating wallpapers anymore, but the ones at the site are still loved and used by many. The link is to Christmas wallpapers, but you can see more holiday wallpapers (along with others) at this Stars keyword link.

Smashing Magazine has holiday wallpapers that you can download either with, or without calendars. Submissions are open to artists world wide and the selection is somewhat eclectic. They have monthly wallpaper submissions as well, and if you want to view all the previous years December submissions you can find them at this link. Since the wallpapers can be downloaded minus calendars you might find it worthwhile to take a look at previous years. All wallpapers have the Smashing Magazine logo on them somewhere, and often the logo or name of the artist who created the background.

Wallpaper Abyss by Alpha Coders has a bunch (2500+) holiday wallpapers. Most are in large resolutions. To find the resolution of a background, hover over the image. You'll find a little of everything here, including some Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Disney backgrounds. I came across one wallpaper that contained an expletive, and there may be a few more since I didn't go through every page of images. If you're looking for specific images, the Wallpaper Abyss has several sub-categories to help you narrow things down.

25 Super HD Christmas Wallpapers is a nicely curated collection of high resolution holiday wallpapers. There are sizes for Facebook, iPad and iPhone too. Of course these images can be resized using your favorite image editor.

Christmas Wallpapers by adni18 Nikos Adamamas has a good selection of unusual holiday background and themes in various resolutions and sizes. Most wallpapers are quite large, and many of them download as compressed, or zip files for faster downloads. There's also a collection of Old Fashioned holiday wallpapers on the site. I first ran across Niko's work at Wincustomize, a site for people who create skins, icons, wallpapers and more for various software that changes the look of your Windows desktop. You can find the Wincustomize wallpapers here. To the right you'll see a Categories filter, and there's a Holiday category, but I couldn't get it to sort the wallpapers in any browser I used, so you might have to scroll through to find holiday related images. This time of year they are often in the first pages of images. There are always strange and unusual wallpapers at Wincustomize, holiday or not, in various resolutions.

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One of the best Linux distros available is ALT Linux. They produce a range of desktop and server options including the Xfce based ‘Simply Linux’. This version now includes a range of Vlad wallpapers for free. MC – Site Manager.

Yep, that's why I mentioned that I came across a wallpaper that contained an expletive in the description of Wallpaper Abyss. I didn't run into any NSFW (not safe for work) scenes but I viewed the first 20+ pages or so of images and saw the one with the expletive (which seems to part of waaaaay too many people's sentences these days for my preferences) in it, thus the warning. :)

Nice collection. Wallpaper Abyss has superior quality above the other sites. HOWEVER, be advised it includes several inappropriate scenes, including the "F" word in at least one of them!