Wallpaper of the Week: Half Moon Floating in Space


This weeks wallpaper brings us an image of approximately half the moon floating against the dark background of space, with the pocked and cratered lunar surface providing a good contrast against the dark background. Icons pop with this wallpaper due to the largely dark background.

Image of Half Moon Floating in Space

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Gibbous is a lovely word. I agree, scientifically inclined people likely would use the term gibbous. :-) Personally, since Gizmo's Freeware has a substantive worldwide audience whose first language probably isn't English, I use the clearest and most common terminology to depict the substance of the post so it can be readily understood by as many of our readers as possible.

Based on information that Alexa analytics provides it appears that only site visitors in India would have a first language other than English and they only represent about 12% of the those that visit this site.

Celestial themed images always seem to work well as wallpapers. I think the scientifically inclined would probably use the term 'gibbous' rather than half moon however.