Wallpaper of the Week: Dim, Creaky Library Bookshelves


This weeks wallpaper shows a wall of uneven wood bookshelves with creaky wooden ladders, lit by candle lanterns on the shelves, the only source of illumination. Moody and on the dark side, this wallpaper shows icons quite well. Book titles are in Russian since this wallpaper was created by vladstudio. :)

Wallpaper showing old wood bookshelves with creaky wooden ladders, lit by candles

There are numerous resolutions available including widescreen, full screen, HDTV, dual monitor, mobile devices, and covers for Facebook and Google+. Use the installation instructions for your specific device or browser.

Download Dim Creaky Library Bookshelves Wallpaper

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Thanks very much, Anupam and Jojo Yee, for your replies. Jojo, after reading your message, I realized that I may not have actually downloaded the file, so I tried again, and following your instructions, I did succeed in setting it as wallpaper. And once I had set it as the wallpaper I wanted for my tablet's home screen, all the app icons I had put on the home screen appeared on it. And it looked awful! Perhaps if I had organized my home screen differently (hiding most icons inside a launcher, for example), a busy design would be fine, but since I'd rather have immediate access to my favorite apps, I've put their icons on the home screen, and they need a much less busy background (like the one I had before I changed it to the library wallpaper). Anyway, I've gone back to my previous wallpaper but saved the library one in case I ever move to a launcher.

Thanks again, guys, for your help. I realize now that I didn't explain myself very well and hence sounded even more clueless than I was. :-)

Glad you got it sorted :).

Thanks to Jojo from me too, for his reply.

Thanks to you both! :)

I don't have the answer to that one, does anyone else know?

I downloaded this for my Nexus 7 tablet. It looked great, but unlike other wallpaper I've added, this one didn't show any of my apps, and I didn't see any instructions for what to do to get the apps on my home screen. Moreover, now I can't even find the wallpaper on my tablet. It isn't with all the others. I should add that this is the first time I've added wallpaper from outside the Play Store, so if there's something extra I need to do, I'd like to know what it is.

What do you mean by "this one didn't show any of my apps"? Wallpaper is just supposed to act as wallpaper, and not show apps. It's not clear what you mean.

Also, since you downloaded this wallpaper from a site and not from Play Store, then most likely it's in the Downloads folder. Since it's downloaded, it won't show up in the default list of wallpapers. You have to locate the image, and manually set it as wallpaper from the options.

I guess the way cyberqueen describes is applicable to "live wallpapers" which function like an app as those listed here.

Unlike live wallpapers, a static wallpaper is not an app and has no animation effects. It applies a single picture or an image file like the one shown in this article for wallpaper.

After an image file is saved or downloaded, go to Gallery and select that image, tap "More" and select "Set as wallpaper". The steps here may vary depending on the Android version you use.