Wallpaper of the Week: Dilapidated Truck in the Desert with Crows


This week's wallpaper is a desert landscape showing a dilapidated blue truck partially buried in the cracked desert floor. Rust, dents and bullet holes pepper the truck with RT 66 spray painted in white on the door. Brown clouds meet the desert on the horizon. A full moon reveals two crows, one perches on a boulder on the left of the screen, the other sits in a leafless tree to the right. Browns prevail in this desert landscape, with the truck and the crows providing pops of color. Icons show up well on this unusual background. 


This background has four resolutions that can be resized to fit your screen, whether it's a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The screen resolutions are 640 x 436, 1280 x 872, 1920 x 1308, and 3000 x 2045. Install it using the directions for your device or browser.

Download Dilapidated Truck in the Desert with Crows

What's on my monitor right now?
Coastline at sunset, Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica (1920 x 1080) featured on bing


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Nice wallpaper. Except for the Crows. Like a lot of pics, fauna detracts from the content. Photo touchup!
And yes, it's a disaster in Paradise. But all the rain and cold in the NE U.S.A. is the pits too. You'd think the rain could have been caused to fall in the West. No brown lawns this year.
Happy Holidays to everyone!

I'm glad you could eliminate the crows. Happy Holidays!

Truck and setting could be signed, -with love from Paradise, California.

What happened there is horiffic.

It just makes me want to cry every time i hear or see things about it.

I understand. A friend's father lived there. He got out but it was a near thing. It was a week before they knew if he was alive or if they would have to submit DNA samples. The anguish and the not knowing was so horrible for them.
Their uncle didn't make it out.
And the video from some of the people who escaped the fire....it's heartrending.