Wallpaper of the Week: Delightful Spring Tulips


This weeks wallpaper is a close up photo of a small but charming group of magenta tulips on a deep to middle green background. The flowers are a lovely color in the red/purple/pink category for which I couldn't come up with a name. :) I decided on magenta as the closest color, with fuchsia-ish and crimson among the suggestions from friends I asked. For a flower wallpaper this is fairly subdued, and icons do quite well with it.

Image of magenta tulips on green background

This wallpaper comes in numerous image resolutions including widescreen, full screen, HDTV, dual monitor, and mobile devices and tablets. Use the installation instructions for your specific device or browser.

Download Delightful Spring Tulips Wallpaper

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Perhaps "cerise"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerise_%28color%29

Perfect! Thank you! I shall send this along to my collection of artist friends who can now name that color. :)

If you read the article, you'll see that the name derives from the French for "cherry", but that it's more the clour of cooked cherries than fresh ones...

I read the article before I replied to your comment, you're right on target with the name of the color. Thanks again for the name and the resource. :)

I like nature themed wallpapers but this one might leave me open to some serious ribbing from my more macho buddies.

I agree with Rhiannon. Either find some more respectful buddies or stop caring what they think. :)
This is my current wallpaper.
I also cook everything in our house, spend ages in the garden growing stuff and love to shop. If my wife spends the whole day looking for shoes but can't find any she likes, I'm still pleased to have been there. Conversely, I fish, drink beer at weekends until it comes out of my ears and I'm very effective with a 9mm handgun and 30 cal rifle. Folks therefore find it hard to categorize me as a person and I should worry about that why? :D MC - Site Manager.

Actually MC, you were one of the people I had in mind when I made the comment. I love the outdoor area of your home, and I've long known of your cooking skills. Plus you look good in all kinds of colors. Add knives, guns, fishing......it's all good. :)
Oh dear...maybe you could just real real quick turn off your monitor if one of them happens to appear. Many of the macho guys I know create awesome gardens and landscapes, including flowers. They cook (and some wear manly type aprons). They wear pink and other colors with no fear. Maybe your buddies need to expand their horizons? Or, just blame it all on me because I'm tired of cold weather. And I simply adore flowers, possibly more than I love computers. :)

Hmmmm... I've got all of those covered except for creating awesome gardens and landscapes. In fact, it's time to redo the front yard. Rhiannon, do you think you could send over some of your buddies? Beautiful picture. As usual, you've got great taste. (BTW, fresh cut daffodils are the dinner table centerpiece right now.)

Sure, I'll send my best friend right over, he does creative and awe inspiring things inside and out.........he could charge for visits to his house, it's that amazing. If I can convince him to cook for you, you may never let him leave.
I'm happy you like them. I'm ready for warm weather and flowers here in the Northern Hemisphere. :)

Thank you rhiannon. Spring is coming and my wife loves tulips :-).
These are wonderful.