Wallpaper of the Week: Creaky Candlelit Library


This week's wallpaper is the Google Library wallpaper by Vladstudio. It's an illustration of an old library, lit with candles, illuminating hand-hewn wood shelves filled with books. Creaky wood ladders are propped against the shelves and step stools are scattered on the floor. Dim and moody, this wallpaper shows icons very well.

Library desktop wallpaper

This wallpaper comes in a wide range of image resolutions including widescreen, full screen, dual monitor, mobile devices, and dual and triple monitor. You can use this background on desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and other devices, just install it using the directions for your specific device or browser.

Download Creaky Candlelit Library Wallpaper

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Fantasy City
Fantasy City desktop wallpaper

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only free in certain resolutions. else $14.98.

Reverse image search has higher resolutions. This one is 2560x2048:


Thanx for this one rhiannon...I have always wanted to go to a library like this. Bring a sleeping bag, a cooler for food and drink and my MP3. Then I'd start at the top, working my way down each section. Can you imagine what treats we could find there? Guess I'd also have bring lots of tissues and allergy pills since I can also imagine the dust. Of course, a place like this would also have a cat or two...

Me, too. And library cats. :)