Wallpaper of the Week: Arctic Sunset


This weeks free wallpaper has it all - clouds starting to float down ice covered hills, meeting up with silvered water that's dotted with small ice floes. The lighting in this image is superb - a little white gold for the sky, a little silver for the water and a bit of blue for the ice floes. Icons show up nicely on this background.


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I think I know why you cropped the original wallpaper. It seems to show a group (Gilligan, Skipper & Co?) taking a three hour tour in the bottom right foreground.

I didn't crop the wallpaper. I usually download a smaller image to use for the articles. The one I used is what you see. I think it was 800 x 600 or similar. I didn't notice that the Gilligan, Skipper and the rest of crew had journeyed to the Arctic and that part of their vessel had been cut off. My bad. :)