Wallpaper Cycler Lite


Wallpaper Cycler Lite

Offers to change your wallpaper on startup, with many more features at your choice


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Pros & Cons:

Good user interface, auto start and close, folders synchronisation, extra features include slide shows and CPU load monitoring.
Additional features such as wallpaper layouts, tags, search folders, etc., are disabled in the context menu.

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Wallpaper Cycler Lite offers to change the wallpaper on startup with other features such as auto shutdown, timer and cycle wallpapers.

This program manages wallpapers in multi-level categories, which can be linked to folders on your hard drive to automatically detect new wallpapers. Position of the wallpapers can be set to default, center, tile, stretch to fill, stretch to height, stretch to width and stretch with or without aspect to each wallpaper in the categories.

It includes a mode to show a slide show of all your wallpapers in the categories. It can also monitor your CPU load when it wants to cycle and prevent cycling when your CPU is too busy. This free program shows some other features in the context menu but they are only enabled in the paid version. These restricted features include wallpaper layouts, tags, search folders, etc.

See the two mirror options on the download page if you wish to avoid the CNet downloader.

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