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There is a wide variety of options and information within the program and an impressive array of plugins to satisfy any need. Support for VPN and Proxy use is superior. Streaming capability. Cross platform.
Toolbar install and home page change enabled at default on install. Advertisements within free version of Vuze interface (can be avoided by using Classic interface). High RAM use.

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Vuze is a good choice for those users that utilize a VPN or proxy, due to its options that can stop all activity off the VPN or proxy (useful if the VPN/Proxy goes down) and its option to disable IPv6 support (for VPNs that have an IPv6 leak.

Vuze is still an excellent client with a wide variety of plugins and options and information. They were the first bittorrent client to add streaming capabilities.

Their help resources (Vuze-Wiki and Vuze forums) have taken a step back, but the Wiki is still an excellent source of information and the fora does provide decent support.

Although the client has improved its RAM use greatly since the Azureus model, it still is the big RAM user here, though this is really not an issue in this day and age. Their install includes a toolbar and home and search page changes enabled at default. There is also a software install offered and it also has advertisements in the Vuze portion of the client (can be avoided by using the "Classic" interface).

Many users like the intricate details this program provides, its streaming capabilities and its VPN and Proxy support is superior to other bittorrent clients.

Caution: Spigot toolbar offered during install along with home page and search engine changes. Software offers from Open Candy.

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