A L2TP/PPTP/OpenVPN VPN service with servers in the USA at varying speeds.


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Pros & Cons:

Reasonably good speeds, no installation necessary, multi-platform. Good visual tutorials for setting it up in your OS.
Registration required, monthly activation required, disconnects every 30 minutes.

Our Review:

VPNReactor is a L2TP/PPTP/OpenVPN VPN service similar to USAIP. They currently only have servers in the USA, so speeds may vary.

Most of the points that were mentioned about USAIP apply to this product too. While the free service also has unlimited bandwidth and usage, the only major difference is that the VPN connection disconnects every 30 minutes. Registration is mandatory, and they also require users to reactivate their accounts monthly. I'm not sure if they support mobile devices, but in theory they should support any devices that use PPTP or L2PT.

Here are some of my personal ratings and a few technical points regarding the program:

  • Speed Rating: Fast
  • Anonymity Rating: High
  • Usage Allowance: Unlimited
  • Logging Level: Minimal
  • Server Location(s): USA
  • Operating System(s):
  • WOT Rating: Excellent.

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