VPN Services Comparison Table



This is a summary table only. For full information on these services see our 2021 series of VPN reviews

VPN Service Price Refund period Free version Max concurrent connections Pay anon Network size BitTorrent allowed Own DNS Default Win protocol Logging
CyberGhost $12.99/month billed monthly, $47.88/year 14-45 days Yes but limited 1 monthly, 5 annual plan  Yes 31 countries 48 cities Yes but not on servers in USA, AU, Sin, RU and HK Yes OpenVPN 256 bit No
ExpressVPN $12.95/month billed monthly, $99.95/year 30 days No 2 Yes 78 countries 97 cities Yes Yes OpenVPN 256 bit No
HideMyAss (HMA) $11.99/month billed monthly, $52.68/year 30 days No 2 Yes 200 countries 320 cities Yes but no illegal content and barred totally from some servers No OpenVPN 128 bit Yes
Private Internet Access (PIA) $9.95/month billed monthly, $39.95/year 30 days No 10 Yes 77 countries 29k servers Yes Yes OpenVPN 128 bit No
PureVPN $10.95/month billed monthly, $49.95/year 31 days No 10 Yes 141 countries 6,500+ servers Yes in particular countries but not USA, UK and most other developed countries Uses Google DNS PPTP but L2TP available. No encryption by default but 128/256 user selectable No
TunnelBear $6.99/month billed monthly, $49.99/year None Yes but limited 5 Yes 14 countries No Uses Google DNS OpenVPN 256 bit Limited but no IPs logged
VyprVPN $12.95/month billed monthly, $45.00/year 30 days Yes but iOS and Android only 5 No 47 countries 55 locations Yes but copyright violation may result in banning Yes OpenVPN 256 bit No


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