Voice Typing Now Supports 119 Languages



Daan van Esch, Google's Technical Program Manager of Speech, says "using your voice to dictate a message can be up to three times faster than typing" in a blog post titled "Type less, talk more".

Absolutely, voice typing speeds up the way you work and save your precious time than any regular typing does especially when you are using a tiny onscreen keyboard on a smartphone. The speech recognition system works pretty well if the language you speak is accurate and close to the system, and the background noise does not interrupt the feature when you use it.

To enhance the speech recognition system, Google worked with native speakers to collect speech samples and trained the machine learning models to understand the sounds and words.

The system has recently incorporated 30 new language varieties including English spoken in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, as well as Tamil spoken in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The total number of supported languages in the system is now 119.

To voice type messages on your mobile device, install and enable Gboard on your Android mobile with this recent update. Gboard is also available for free on the iPhone and iPad, but it does not have the full features yet as in the Android version.





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