An image editor with the most modern look and a 3D viewing gallery


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Pros & Cons:

Unique interface for viewing images and other tasks; Consistent approach to editing; Easy to use; 3D image viewing gallery is very popular; Print greeting cards, postcards, and photo frames; Preview changes; Flickr and Facebook integration.
Can be slow.

Our Review:

Visions has a very distinctive interface with the most modern look among the products in the category.

It has a 3D image viewing gallery which people really like, an "editing room" with lots of basic effects able to be previewed, a "printing house" which allows greeting cards, postcards and photo frames to be printed, and a sharing centre for uploading images to Flick.

It has not had many changes in the last couple of years so there may not be any more plug-ins being developed. I noticed some little inconsistencies but overall it is a good attempt to move away from trying to look like Photoshop - it actually looks much better.

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