Checks websites and files against several rating services and blacklists, and scans with multiple anti-virus engines


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Online service works with any browser; high accuracy; rates and scans in one check; 68 scanners; 13 raters; installable versions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
Slow reporting for scans; browser add-ons do very little.

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VirusTotal Web App

VirusTotal has browser add-ons VTzilla and VTchromizer and VTexplorer for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer respectively. They put a shortcut to VirusTotal on the context menu for any web link so you can start the rating and scanning from there rather than having to go to the VirusTotal website.

VirusTotal checks websites against 13 rating services and blacklists. It also scans with 68 anti-virus engines. This battery of tests is its strength.

Its weakness is that the reporting takes too long (minutes instead of seconds) when compared with the installed raters and scanners. But being web-based, it will run with every browser.

You can rate websites with comments in any of one positive category (benign) and five negative categories (browser exploit, malicious. malware download, phishing site, spam link).

If you sign-up your ratings carry more weight than anonymous ratings. As is usual with many of these scanners, you are given the anti-virus scanner name, version, last update date and, most importantly, the result of the scan.

VirusTotal for Android

For Android, VirusTotal also has an app for you to scan all apps installed on your mobile device against any viruses, trojans, worms, malware or any other malicious content.

Each of the scanned apps is marked with a green or red Android icon signifying if the app is safe or potentially unsafe to use. A blue question mark is added if the app was unknown to VirusTotal.

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