The Virtual Corkboard. Could This Be The Best Personal Organizer App?


For years, I've been seeking the perfect organiser app for my PC.  My current favourite is probably TreePad, which is basically a tree-structured version of Windows Notepad.

But if you were to organise your thoughts on your real desk, rather than a virtual one, think for a moment about how you'd do it.  Chances are, you'd write things on small pieces of paper, and move them about.  So how come there are so few PC applications that allow you to do such things?

I wrote about one such, called listhings, a couple of months ago. It's not actually a Windows application, but is a free web-based service.  You can access it at and it's still free to use.

Since I wrote about the service, a number of similar systems have come to light, which work in a very similar manner.  These include, pictured below, as well as the excellent Then there's and  Finally,, which looks promising but is also threatening to charge a fee for most non-trivial actions, which in my opinion means that it's unlikely to succeed in the long term.

So, two questions remain.  Firstly, could the virtual corkboard be the ideal way to organise things?  And secondly, how come I can't find a decent corkboard app for Windows, and instead have to store my notes online?  There's a good iPad program, called corkulous, but nothing for Windows.  But hopefully one will come along soon. in action


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