View and Save Fonts In Color With This Free Font Viewer


FontLab PadPreview and save fonts with custom text and color using this free font viewer.

FontLab Pad is a free app for Windows and Mac that lets you preview any font in almost any color for use in your projects. Choose a font, type your text, select a size and save the result as PNG, PDF, or SVG file. There's a transparent background feature that shows how a font and color combination will look with your project.

FontLab Pad is a font viewer with some unique features:

  • View fonts in color
  • Choose from a black, white or transparent background
  • Save the result as PNG, PDF or SVG file
  • Change the size, width and letter spacing of a font
  • Pick a color from the color palette or use HTML hex codes
  • Open fonts from an individual font file or installed fonts (drag and drop fonts or use the File menu to pick a font)
  • Copy picture option can be used to copy and paste the image into many programs
  • Choose font alignment: right, left or center alignment
  • Change the look of any text instantly by dragging and dropping a font into the display window (Windows version)

The transparent window is useful for previewing how a font and font color will appear against a background (web page, image, photo, etc.).
The program opens these font formats: Color OpenType (.otf/.ttf), sbix, COLR/CPAL and CBDT/CBLC flavors, Photofont (.phf) in PNG and SVG flavors, SVG fonts (.svg), monochrome OpenType, Type 1, web fonts, UFO, VFB.
It copies and exports PDF, SVG, PNG files.

FontLab Pad has a few limitations. Text is displayed in one color (no way to change the color of a word or letter) and there's no option to choose bold or italic. The text is displayed in one font, not a list as with many font viewers. The undo and redo options in the Edit menu didn't work on my Windows systems.

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6—10.10 and Windows XP to 8.1, though it ran fine on Windows 10 for me.
VirusTotal shows 1/63, which seems to be a false positive. No other sites have flagged the program. None of the online anti-virus sites I used to test the file showed any issues. The security software on my systems says the file is clean.

FontLab Pad


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Would you please clarify that comment?

The page where the program is downloaded from says its free for Windows and Mac. I downloaded the program and tested it extensively on two different computers with two versions of Windows before writing it up. There were no upgrade or sales prompts, it wasn't a program that has basic features for free with more features with a paid upgrade. If you had a different experience downloading, installing and using the program it would be helpful to know about it.

FontLab has paid programs, but the app that I downloaded and tested is a small app they offer for free. I would add that the program is available as at some of download sites like cnet, where it's listed as free, and is reviewed favorably on several sites. There's a YouTube tutorial on how to use it with Cricut, if you're a crafter and use die cut machines.  

Confirmed as being free:
"With our free FontLab Pad app, all these fonts work everywhere — on all versions of Mac OS X and Windows! FontLab Pad is our typesetter helper for color fonts." <--

Thanks. It's good to know there doesn't seem to be an issue with the app. :)