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I wrote about Cookie Spy a couple of years ago, and since the program has now been through a couple of updates and revisions it's worth mentioning this excellent program again.

Cookies are small text files which web browsers leave on your PC, at the behest of almost every web site.  This allows the site to recognise you and your preferences on subsequent visits.  For example, if you browse an online shop and you specify that your default currency is the Japanese Yen, then the site will set a cookie to that effect on your computer.  If you visit the site again, you'll notice that the system presents all prices in Yen by default, because it was able to look at the cookie it stored the previous time.

It's sometimes useful, or merely interesting, to be able to browse through the cookies on your PC.  If you want to do so, a great free program called Cookie Spy will allow you to do just that.  And because each browser generally stores its cookies in a different location, the program is smart enough to recognise each of your installed browsers and allow you to choose between their particular cookie folders.

You'll find Cookie Spy at and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  The installer download is only 0.5 MB, but be aware that it'll download a further 6 MB when you run it.  If you have any trouble with the Download button on the site (I occasionally did, during testing), a click through to will download the installer directly.

One word of warning: If you rely on the passwords that your browser has remembered, and you haven't written them down anywhere, don't delete any cookies or you may find that your PC will forget those stored passwords!



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When installing it says "Publisher Unverified"