View Almost All Image File Formats in Windows File Explorer With This Free Program


Sage Thumbs

Sage Thumbs is a small, free Windows utility that allows users to preview 162 image formats, including Photoshop files in Windows File Explorer.

Windows File Explorer, by default, can't show all image file formats. If there are files you can't view in Windows File Explorer, this handy utility adds support for most image formats. It displays supported image files in Windows File Explorer whether you're using icon or any other view, by right clicking on the file name or an image.

The Sage Thumbs menu offers a number of other features, including the ability to convert images to JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG with a single click, shows image size and type, can set an image as your wallpaper, send an image or thumbnail by email, and can copy images to the clipboard without opening them first.

SageThumbs is a Windows Explorer context menu extension. There is no executable file to start the program.
To use it, just open any folder with image files in Windows File Explorer, and then right click a file you want to preview. You'll see the thumbnail and menu immediately in the context menu. If you want to preview Photoshop and other image files as thumbnails, set the View options in Windows File Explorer to one of the icon options (small, medium, large, and extra large icons). You can access SageThumbs options menu through the right click menu or from the SageThumb entry in the Windows Start menu.

A few things to note about the program:

• I was having trouble seeing any previews in Windows File Explorer using Windows 10. Installing the program fixed the issue and thumbnails reappeared. This is apparently an issue for some Windows 10 users, even when all the settings in various places in Windows 10 are correct.

• After installation, if you're not seeing a preview for a particular image format, make sure it's checked in the program options. The PNG image extension wasn't selected by default when I installed the program.

• If you're only seeing some images in one particular format, it might be an image size issue.
SageThumbs creates thumbnails for images with a size limit of 10 megabytes by default; you can change the number to one you like in the options menu. I set mine at 1000 and that's worked for all images, including PSD files, so far.

• There have been some reports of SageThumbs interfering with some displays such as the task bar in very early versions of Windows 10. Later versions don't appear to have the issue, though if you run into any hiccups the recommendation is to download and install the latest version.

• Whenever you make any changes in the options, a window will open asking for permission to run Microsoft(C) Register Server (also known as regsvr32.exe). It needs permission because it registers information about files in the Windows registry.

SageThumbs is a small (2.19 MB) file and runs on Windows XP/2003/Vista//7/8/8.1/10 32 & 64 bit and is free of malware according to VirusTotal.

Download SageThumbs

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This is a great add on
Thanks for posting it

You're quite welcome. I'm happy you like it. :)

Just tried it in Win 7 Ultimate and it works fine. Thanks for the tip. If a user is in a country that does not use his native language and he has the language settings for the local country, he can change the program to English in Sage Thumbs Options, the bottom item in the Sage Thumbs menu as rhiannon shows in the image near the top of this thread.

I'm glad to hear it's working in Windows 7. It does have language support options, thanks for mentioning it.