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Social network monitorMarketing professionals who look after dozens of Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of their clients don't keep logging into each account in turn, via a web browser or a phone app. Instead they use an aggregator that shows them the current feeds from all those accounts on a single screen.

The best-known of all such aggregators is called Hootsuite and, although it costs money if you want to access dozens of social media accounts, you can look after 3 for free. So if you use, say, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, like I do, then you can keep track of them all from a single screen.

Hootsuite is web-based, so you don't need to download anything. Just sign up with an email address, and click to allow it access to your social media accounts. Then log into it whenever you wish. Or if you don't like it, just go back to accessing your accounts via the previous method and everything will still work just fine. You can even mix and match, using Hootsuite sometimes and individual browser windows whenever you prefer.

Just to go and click on the Plans option at the top of the screen, where you'll find a link to the free option.

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Being skeptical, what's in it for them? Am I going to be even more intruded upon/spied on? Yet another company with permission to track my online leanings?

Idk...after a while, it all feels "shifty".

Well they want you to go on a plan!

I used it for a while, what happens if you have a poor RSS feed, so your internet connect is not good say like me you are in an area where people switch the cable TV on in the evening or you use wifi a lot on the road, or your ISP has trouble with a social media site, after a few attempts (I think 3)  it cuts off the feed with no warning. So often I did not know I was cut off. The support they had was good but the problem just kept happening and in the end I gave up on this program.

I don't think this aggregator would use the normal RSS format because if that were the case then you could use a regular free newsreader such as Feed Demon to connect to social accounts. Thanks for the heads-up about Twitterdeck....will check that out.

An aggregator that allows only 3 Twitter feeds is basically useless as most people with Twitter accounts (including myself) follow hundreds of other accounts. I don't imagine it would satisfy those who use LinkedIn for networking either. Maybe Hootsuite could be convinced to offer 10 free premium licenses to readers at Gizmo.

twitterdeck its a brilliant free twitter aggregator

You probably mean TweetDeck.

Yep you are right.

Its a brilliant free piece of software for anyone that uses twitter, at work I use it everyday.


For a list of its features click here.

Can you track 3 Facebook accounts on the same page?