View 85,000 Historical Newsreel Videos For Free


From 1910 until it closed in 1970, Pathé News was one of the world's best-known news agencies.  Based in Britain, and indeed originally known as British Pathé, it produced tens of thousands of filmed news reports, covering major stories and events all over the world.

Last week, its entire archive of 85,000 videos was put online, on a dedicated YouTube channel that you can browse and view at entirely free of charge.  So whether you're interested in coverage of the Hindenburg airship disaster from 1937, Arnie winning Mr Universe in 1969, or baby chickens hatching in a frying pan, you'll find it all online.

And yes, the chickens in the frying pan is real.  See for the full report.




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Hmnn, my post is gone. I'll try again.

This is a great find, thank you!

I listened to few of them, I do not think they are news reports, I think they are short documentaries after the event.

For those not from the UK, and also those too young to remember, Pathe newsreels were a part of every visit to the cinema in those days when TV ownership was low; indeed for many they were the only way to see events and people they had heard about on the radio. They were edited as mini documentaries as they were intended to be seen at least 2 days after the event (they were produced and distributed around the country using physical media) and anything up to a week after. As such the newsreels didn't cover things in the way we now expect rolling news in an electronic age.