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JamBase has launched a video archive with over 100,000 live concerts by various artists in a range of genres. Bluegrass, country, folk, R & B are a few types you’ll find there, but not classical music.
There’s a huge archive of performances, over 14,000 clips, from Seattle independent radio station KEXP, as well as Austin City Limits, NPR Music, and more. Prince, Phish, John Prine, Ellie Goulding, and Pink Floyd are a few popular artists I saw, with plenty of others to choose from.

The filtering system is well done. Filter by band, song, duration, year, videographer/channel, duration and type of video are all there. Multiple filters can be chosen for the widest results.

In addition to sorting and filtering, many videos have a start time entered for each tune in videos containing multiple songs. Many videos are streamed from YouTube, depending on your location or VPN you may not be able to view all of them.

If you enjoy live music performances, Jam Base Video Archive is a good site to view some great music.

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That's a great one.

No Barry White, no older Moody Blues!

Tells a lot more than the :classical:...

If you know any good videos of live performances of artists you like that fit the site, by all means suggest them using the Add a Video button. They add to the collection regularly. Both of those you mention would be a good match for the site from what I've seen.

Search for "classical" pulls a blank.

I should probably clarify, there is no classical music at the site as far as I can tell. JamBase has a different audience. Mostly live concerts from more contemporary artists and along the lines of blues, country, pop, etc.