An impressive and intuitive video trimmer and mp3 extractor with added features.


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Impressive and intuitive user interface, easily trim videos, save as mp3, grab pictures, and other advanced features.
Watermarks on advanced features, free version with ads.

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Built with open-source FFmpeg and Media Lovin' Toolkit (MLT) libraries, VidTrim is a video trimming app for Android with a simple and intuitive user interface. It also comes in with other features including transcoding or merging videos, saving as mp3, grabbing pictures, rotating video frames and adding effects.

When opening up, the app lists all your recent video files on your device, with an option for you to re-sort the list by filename, size or duration.

Selecting a video from the list lets you see the details of the video, including its duration, picture size, rotation, frame rate, codec and bitrate, as well as the location of the file. From here, all editing features are clearly presented with action buttons for the video.

Tap the Trim button and you can cut the video or audio right away by adjusting the start and end points of the slider. That's pretty fast and efficient to serve the key function of the app.

Tap the Grab Frame button and you can save an image from a video by pausing it at a select frame and pressing the Save button.

The free version of this app is supported with ads, but the basic functions effectively serve most needs of average users.

Other advanced features involving transcoding, such as resizing or compressing videos, adding soundtracks or special video effects, will get you a result video with a watermark, which can be removed in the paid-for Pro version.


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