A simple and handy tool to compress and trim videos on the move


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Ease of use, hardware acceleration, batch conversion.
Ad supported, advanced features not free.

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VidCompact is a convenient tool to trim and compress your videos on your mobile devices so that the videos are made small enough to share with your relatives and friends via an instant messenger or on the Internet.

The tool removes all other unnecessary video editing features than the one you actually need from its popular sister product VidShow video editor and allows you to focus only on reducing the size of video files.

Using VidCompact is easy for this particular purpose. Just tap the “Trim & Compress” button, select a source video, you can then use a slider to adjust the starting and ending points of a video, or tap a low resolution you need to reduce the file size.

Upon each adjustment, the app shows you how much you can save the space and estimates the resulting video file size before you decide to proceed with the compression.

On the plus point, VidCompact makes full use of hardware acceleration to speed up the process of exporting a video and allows compression of videos by batch. A great time saver.

As an added feature, this app also accepts conversion of videos into the popular mp4 format.

Overall, it is a decent app designed with compressing videos in mind, handy for use and no watermarks in resulting videos although the app contains ads to support its development.

Some advanced features, like compression of 2k and 4k videos, converting extra formats to mp4 require an in-app purchase.


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