Very Realistic Oil And Watercolour Paint App. Free From Microsoft.


Fresh PaintI never liked Windows 8. Not many people did. In order to accommodate the new app store, Microsoft made too many changes to the look and feel of the Windows that we all knew and loved. Lots of things moved around within the OS and became frustratingly difficult to find. Even the familiar desktop and start menu, present since the days of Windows 1.0, changed, mainly because Microsoft wanted us to start using the app store in order to download software and add tiles to our home page.

Trouble was, the Windows app store wasn't very good. There weren't many apps, and the quality of those that did exist was poor. To a large degree, nothing has changed since Windows 10 was released. There is still a dearth of decent software on the app store. I know. I check it regularly, in the hope that I'll find something worth writing about as a Hot Find. There are very few gems on there.

There are, though, some treasures if you look hard enough. One of those is Fresh Paint. As you might expect, it's similar to Microsoft Paint that has been built into Windows since the 1980s. But it now has a selection of canvas and paper textures, as well as watercolour and oil brush effects that are stunning. And although the program contains "in-app purchases" (how I hate that phrase), almost all of the useful features are free.

To get the most from Fresh Paint you really need something a little more precise and pressure-sensitive than a mouse, so if you have a graphic tablet or stylus then you're in luck. But even if you don't, a mouse will still give you hours of fun.

To use Fresh Paint, just head to the Windows Store from your computer and search for it. It's available for Windows 8 and 10.

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I haven't tried this yet but I've been using an app called "FotoSketcher" This app is very versatile and produces dozens of special effects applied to photos,
Also is only an 8mb download vs 124mb for "Fresh Paint".