Using An IE Version Less Than 11? Delete It!

I normally use this column to recommend free software that I think you should be installing.  For a change, though, here's something you should be uninstalling.  If not right now, then preferably by next Tuesday the 16th of January.
As of that date, Microsoft will only be supporting the "current version" of Internet Explorer.  Which is currently 11.  So if you're still running version 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10, under any version of Windows, you're about to fall into the category of people who are still running unsupported software.
Which means that no new security patches will be released or developed.  And this could leave you open to malware and other threats to your privacy.
So if you're still running Internet Explorer, and you're not using version 11, you need to switch.  Either to IE11, or to an alternative such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox.  
Or take the risk, of course.  It's entirely your choice.  

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You can definitely download and run IE 11 on Windows 7, both Home and Pro. It's been quite a while since I've installed it on my machines, but I seem to recall it saved all of my links too, You will have to reconfigure how you use it but it closely resembles IE8 or 9 as far as the essential functionality and customizations are concerned. It still has a menu bar, favorites bar, command bar, etc., and can be customized as much as IE 8. It will also be in place when you have to upgrade to WIN10, and will be a seamless upgrade when you have to do it.... I still like it better than Firefox and Chrome, although I have those installed too. I download lots of things and it is more functional than the other offerings without having to go and find add-ons.

I Like how the e-mail I got says "....Update it", but when I went to article it says "...Delete it". I tried updating my IE for Vista using Update in IE on my older laptop because it's older - version 9 I believe, but Microsoft will not update it because it says I have the most current version for my OS. Hmmmm is this a way to try and make people update the OS?

According to Microsoft Support Lifecycle, it says:

(a) "Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates."

(b) "Internet Explorer is a component of the Windows operating system and the most current version will continue to follow the specific support lifecycle policy for the operating system for which it is installed."

If you're using Vista, unless I'm mistaken, I'd think that IE9 is the "most current version available for that system" and will be supported until its Extended Support End Date on April 11, 2017.

This proxy work around will also prevent Chrome-based browsers from connecting to the internet (at least on Win XP).

Run Win7 with IE9...also have Firefox and Opera. Is IE11 free? Is it true if I uninstall rather than update that I can screw up Win7? Won't use Win8, 8.1 or 10 since there's no choice in updating and don't trust MS not to mess with my homepage, other they've done before.

I suggest you back up your system before you install a new version of Internet Explorer, at the least, create a restore point to work from. :) These links may be helpful:

I use XP and IE is version 8 and I need IE to provide security updates for important software.

If you can't update to version 11, it's far better to disable IE and re-enable when required, rather than uninstalling and risking destabilizing your system.

For more info on how to acheive this:

Not quite true - MS are going to continue updates to only the most current version of IE for still-supported Windows operating systems. Hence Vista SP2 users will still get updates to IE9 (and Vista itself) for a while yet; as older versions of Windows are now past their life-cycle, the older versions of IE they use will hence not be updated either.

Also, I think uninstalling any version of IE (from Control Panel/Programs and Features) will just revert Windows to using the version originally supplied with the operating system, rather than break Windows altogether. As Sid in Extremis has posted, just update from IE 10 to 11.

I thought Microsoft already did that...

Will it work-run on a machine running Windows 7?
I am reading conflicting reports
Please Advise & Thanks

Internet Explorer 11 will run on Windows 7 - a quick search will turn up numerous links verifiying the information.
If it isn't available via Windows Update, you can download it here:

Delete it? Surely you mean update to IE11 using Windows Update?

If anyone simply deletes IE they can wreck their system.

Indeed, I've had to repair more than one computer when people attempted this. Especially in earlier versions of Windows, Internet Explorer is so entwined with the operating system that deleting it can cause issues. :)

As torres-no-tan-magnifico mentioned, it's best to disable IE if feasible, and directions are here: