Using Foxit Reader? Look Out For Important Patch This Week


Foxit ReaderIf you're using the freeware Foxit Reader to view PDF files, you're not alone. More than 400 million people across the world use it, in preference to viewing PDF files in their browser or using the hugely bloated Adobe Reader.

However, a couple of serious security issues were recently discovered with Foxit Reader, which could allow someone to compromise your PC by sending you a PDF file with some embedded JavaScript code.

Despite initially claiming that they weren't going to issue a patch for this, Foxit Software have now changed their mind and a patch is expected in the next few days. I'll let you know when it arrives. In the meantime, if you use Foxit Reader, be wary of opening PDF files from untrusted or possibly unreliable sources.

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I believe in the meantime you can switch it off manually.

Files > Preferences > Trust Manager.