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Mozilla has patched a vulnerability in Firefox that's being actively exploited by hackers, download the latest version to avoid issues.

A newly discovered vulnerability in Firefox has been patched and an updated version released. If you use Firefox, grab the latest version here:
Download the Firefox Browser

Firefox normally checks for updates when it's launched, but if you use it and haven't been prompted to download/update to version 72.0.1 download and install it manually or check for updates manually through the Help menu.

The vulnerability can allow an attacker to exploit Javascript code to silently enter a PC and install malicious code outside of the browser on the host computer. Firefox 72 had only been out a few days before the vulnerability was discovered and an update version was made available for download.

The bug was discovered by Qihoo 360 two days after the initial update was released.
The vulnerability is patched in Firefox 72.0.1 and Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) 68.4.1.

(h/t TechCrunch)

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Thanks rhiannon,
I do use Firefox sometimes but my default browser is Brave mainly for privacy.
Will update the Firefox now.

Brave is a good browser, I use it and like it. At the moment, I'm using Firefox, Brave, Edge Chromium, Waterfox Classic and Current, and Chrome (portable). I also use Opera and Vivaldi on a regular basis.

I don't understand. Firefox updates regularly. Why are you suggesting I DOWNLOAD FF, to my PC? What is that? Benefit? Is it malware/virus free? Why a DL, rather than UPDATE as usual from Mozilla?
Thanks! (I think the editor can hear you well enough without the unnecessary use of capital letters. MC - Site Manager).

There is a vulnerability in Firefox. Mozilla has released a patched version. If you use Firefox, it’s a good idea to update or download a new version, according to how you prefer to update Firefox.
Both update and download are mentioned in the article because people use both ways to update.
I’m not suggesting any options for anyone. I'm suggesting get the patched version, however you prefer to do that.
Whether it's through an update (automatically or manually inside the browser while it's running), downloading and installing the new version over the old version, or performing a clean install, it's a good idea to get the patched version in whatever way works for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I supplied the link to the official Firefox site for downloading all languages/platforms so people don't have to search for it, if they prefer to download Firefox.

Thank you!

You're quite welcome.

Thanks rhiannon for the tip-off.
I adopt much the same procedure as yourself for updating and have only had problems once.
They were almost identical to those described by Bobcat 2015.
Since then, OK.

You're more than welcome. A clean install seems to make Firefox run faster too. I haven't had many issues over time. I export my bookmarks and copy the .xpi (add-ons) files to a folder though my Firefox account will restore preferences and add-ons etc. if I log in. It appears to keep the about:config changes I make as well, but I have them in a text file if I need them.

Is anyone keeping Windows 7 past the 14th? Have you discovered any good ways of protecing yourself?

@Gruff 12 January 2020 - 14.01
Have a look at this site:

Thanks. Some good info. I plan on blowing through January 14th and staying with Win 7. However, until I feel safe, I'll be making a backup image of my root drive every night.

Thanks! I like Woody.

From my perspective, Firefox started trashing and thrashing things after Ver. 56.0. I'm still unable to get to authenticated website I've been going to for years. Now I use 3-4 different browsers every day to be able to access site I've been accessing for a long time without problems. FF used to have everything under control but after 56.0 they started to backslide and are still doing it.

That sounds frustrating, I'm sorry your experiencing that across different browsers.

A friend that's running Windows 7 is having similar issues with programs, though not Firefox. Email and a some others.

I'm still running Firefox out of habit. I've been with it since god knows when but I'm using it less and less. That I'm using FF at all is due to add-ons I have that I can't find for other browsers. The other browsers I use are Opera, Pale Moon, Epic, and on occassion, Chrome and IE.

I use a handful of browsers as well. I'm liking Edge Chromium quite a bit. Stable version should be released soon. Firefox is still my go-to day in day out get things done browser.

I just downloaded Edge Chromium Beta for Win 7 and will give it a try. In any case, I'll keep it installed for one of my growing handful of browsers. Another good one is Pale Moon. It's just like Firefox and is built on their framework but without the problems. Thanks for your help.

I prefer Waterfox over Pale Moon. They've just branched out - keeping a classic version and releasing a current, more up to date version.

Thanks for that. I just downloaded and installed Waterfox Ver.2019.12 and it automatically copied all my settings and add-ons from Firefox. I think I'll make it my default browser. Is there much difference between the 2019 and the 2020 version? I've downloaded both.

You're more than welcome. Waterfox branched into two versions in October, the Classic is a legacy version that will support older standards and will be actively maintained. The Current branch is focusing on keeping up to date with the modern web and a fully customisable web browser to go with it. Naming and versioning are also mentioned, hopefully that will answer your question about the versions.
Both can be downloaded here:
You can read more at the site blog: Waterfox 2019.10 Release | Waterfox Web Browser
Waterfox does import your Firefox data on install if Firefox is installed on your system, but it doesn't update anything after initial import.

Good results. I just competed my first full day of work using Waterfox and only had to resort to another browser once. WF saved me a great deal of time today. Thanks for the tip. It is now my default browser. The one failure was on a page where I wanted to save an image, which I usually do by getting the correct URL from resorting to "View page source", only to find for that particular page it was greyed out. Not a problem. I opened FF and was able to retrieve the image. But Waterfox is delightful. Thanks again.

I'm glad to hear it's working so well for you. :)

When Firefox went from version 70.0.1 to the next version, it totally trashed itself. Tons of complaints on the Mozilla forum. For me it destroyed my userChrome file by ignoring it altogether and my user interface was completely changed tabs, color, everything. I always have updated with no problems until then. I disabled updates in the registry and will not ever update again until they hire some people that know what they're doing. I now keep all important stuff on an external hard drive and it only gets turned on if I need something and I get it and shut off very quickly.

I'm sorry you had that happen.
I've never had any trouble with updates either, though I usually do a clean install for most of them. I keep things backed up too, external hard drive and USB stick.

Thanks for this. They were quick to fix this and issue an update

It was a quick update, though that might be because it was discovered so quickly. Mozilla is usually good at patching vulnerabilities pretty quickly.