Use These Two Online Photo Analysis Tools To See Image Data


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Digital images provide an abundance of information. Get all the data about any image using these online tools.

Digital images contain a lot of information. The data is stored as EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) and is written to your device storage every time you take a picture.
Some of the things you can discover by looking at the EXIF data of an image can include what make, model, (and sometimes the serial number) of your device, date and time the image was taken, resolution, size, whether a flash was used, and time zone. If geolocation is enabled, information can include where the photo was taken, latitude, longitude, altitude and direction information if the picture was taken with a GPS-enabled, camera-equipped smartphone.

EXIF data can be useful if you want to know when and where a photo was taken, used to organize photographs, perform searches, see what settings the device used to take a picture to improve your photography skills, or if you're just curious about a photo's properties.

EXIF data is retained if the image is uploaded to a site like Flickr and will be included in the downloaded image. Sites like LinkedIn and other social media sites strip the EXIF data when an image is uploaded. EXIF data also makes an image much larger to upload, so if you want to save space or decrease the load time for a website, stripping the EXIF data is useful.

Check out 3 Free Tools To Change Photo's Exif Data, Remove Metadata And Hide Dates for ways to strip EXIF data from an image. If you're using a mobile phone, these three apps will remove EXIF data from your photos:
Android: Photo Editor - Apps on Google Play
iOS: Photo Investigator: Edit, Remove GPS EXIF Metadata on the App Store
Windows Phone: Get Picture Info - Microsoft Store

These two sites will perform an online analysis of images. You can upload a photo from your device or use the URL of an image. If the data has been stripped from an image no data will show up in the results.

FotoForensics (handles JPEG, PNG, and WebP files, has a good tutorial here)

Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer (handles tons of formats)

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For iOS, this may be a good try: Photo Investigator: Edit, Remove GPS EXIF Metadata

Thanks Jojo, I'll update the article. :)