Use Social Media Techniques To Streamline Business


Workgroup free business toolIn your working life, you probably use email to keep in touch with colleagues and team members, as well as meeting face-to-face or using the telephone.

Kids today, though, have found a much more efficient way to stay in constant contact with friends. They use social media chat apps like Whatsapp, which allows them to maintain a continual stream of conversation in written form, among multiple people.

Online services such as Slack have, over the past couple of years, been highly successful in bringing Whatsapp-style efficiency and style to business conversations, allowing colleagues and teams to communicate in groups both large and small without needing to resort to email or telephone. And one of the newest entries in this area is currently offering its service totally free.

To try it, head to and sign in with any valid email address or your Google account details. Then you can start building online teams, inviting people to participate in online discussions, and generally start streamlining your communications.

Whether you use such a system for work, or for personal chores such as planning a family event, this might be just the technology you've been looking for.

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