Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing


SwiftKey Keyboard iconSwiftKey KeyboardOne of the great things about the Android system is that it allows you to install a third-party keyboard app so that you can choose the one you like than the default keyboard.

Among the third-party apps, Swiftkey Keyboard stands out to become one of the most popular and excellent keyboards enjoyed by many users.

What's more, SwiftKey used to charge $3.99 in the Google Play store, but it has come out with a freemium model that you can now use it for free, with some in-app purchases to get the extras if you ever need.

SwiftKey has many amazing features, especially the SwiftKey Flow. It allows you to input a word by sliding your finger across the keys—just press your finger on the key that starts your word and drag from letter to letter, let go and it magically inputs your word.

Imaging if you want to type the word 'simultaneously', you just need to slide through the keys s, i, m, u and l then lift your finger to complete the word.

Even better, you can also input words or phrases without lifting your finger—do this by sliding down to the space bar between words. You will love this when you feel sliding across the keyboard is at any rate faster than touch-typing.

Using this app, you can also press and hold the comma key to briefly switch over to the Google Voice input before turning back.

SwiftKey is equipped with various customization tools including keyboard themes, language selection, keyboard layout, input methods, emoji prediction and more.

With the SwiftKey Cloud built in, you can backup and sync your settings between devices, teach SwiftKey your writing style from other social applications and add trending phrases to your dictionary too.

Give this outstanding keyboard app a try if speed matters to you.

Tips on using this app: After installation, this app guides you to enable SwiftKey in Language and Input settings. When you do so, the Android system will prompt you this message: "This input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers. It comes from the app SwiftKey..." This is a standard message from the system to caution you whenever you enable any third party keyboard app. If you decide to switch back to your default keyboard after enabling it, go to Settings > Language & input, then uncheck the third-party keyboard from the list.


SwiftKey Keyboard — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 32 MB (varies with device)


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Now have a 4.3 Jellybean on 2Gb / 1.7Mhz / 8 core and Swype still Good but Limited / Swiftkey I found just didn't get get the words right without precise finger control plus I didn't like only 3 options / Niveker suggested below TouchPal X Keyboard & I find it the nicest (miss a line of just number keys.) Android or Google Keyboard Themes are poor so prefer Touchpal..... Keep trying things but best keyboard is the Voice Recognition button .. It does really well and typing is becoming a thing of the past as it should be :)

I used Swiftkey for a long time. It had one serious flaw, that it would not always maintain it's status as the default keyboard. You'd have to reset it as the default keyboard after every power-off or restart. (Yeah I tried all the reinstalled and other tricks for months.) When I talked to the developer, he/she gave some excuse about Google not storing programs consistently in the same place. (Blamed Google, oddly while Google kept Swiftkey in "editor's choice" status on Google Play.) When I pointed out that no other keyboard I've used (or continue to use) has ever demonstrated this same problem of loosing it's default keyboard status, he/she kept blaming Google. I even offered to help diagnose the problem, with a very unenthusiastic response.

I do admit that SwiftKey has an uncanny way of predicting the next word, and often remembers a sequence of words from a previously typed sentence (convenient if you forgot to copy in order to paste), by way of next word prediction.

To be fair, with a respectful nod to Gizmo and the good stuff they've sent me, I just gave Swiftkey another try.

2 restarts and 1 power-off with NO FAILURES to maintain default status. Now, this is my first run with Swiftkey on a phone that's less than a month old. It wouldn't be the first time two Android programs didn't get along in my experience, so it's a pity the developer didn't enthusiastically accept my offer to help diagnose the problem. Or, maybe the developer finally stomped the bug. We may never know for sure.

Good to hear that it now works for you Kevinevv and thanks for sharing your experience in using this app.

I'm like Swanknight - Tried Swype (comes on Samsung) and other App - Swiftkey - just found Swype easier and not problematical ( I'm not saying that when I get bigger and faster phone things may change ) Tried a multi language Swype keyboard but didn't need the multi part. .......... I try to get single digit friends over to Swype as I read " Goinw home noww wil see u therr " and get so pissed off with their useless typing ............ takes 10min and it's like "FINALLY SOMEONE LOVES TXT" (even though the msg form is archaic and demeaning to humans.)

I tried them all, but I couldn't find anything that could replace "Swype Keyboard Free" for me. It's not perfect, but for someone who relies heavily on "swipe to type" it's the best.

I like TouchPal X better than SwiftKey, but the Android L keyboard comes in a close second. Will check out jbhq's suggestion - under 1MB wow

YEAH! The Android L keyboard works perfectly. Couple it with the 'material' skin and it's a winner. The swipe input method works great and there are lots of customization options.

A much better option than AOSP Keyboard or Google Keyboard. And it's free! FY!

Or checkout Multiling O keyboard, a fraction of the size at 927k (and more options)

Looks promising. Thanks